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Souls Speak

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I’m working SO hard for you on this epic book 3 and conclusion of The Oldest Soul Trilogy!!

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There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen. – Rumi

Wikileaks: The Red Pill or The Blue Pill?

Alright America, the day has come. It is time to choose. So what’s it going to be, the red pill or the blue pill?

You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

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Breaking Out of The Matrix

You’ve heard all this right? That we are actually living in a computer simulation? At least according to people like Elon Musk, and the high profile physicists, scholars and philosophers who gathered in New York last year to debate it. Moderator Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium, put the odds at 50-50 that our entire existence is a program on someone else’s hard drive. “I think the likelihood may be very high,”

Perhaps, of course, this isn’t true, but imagine for a second that it is. Imagine that everything we know—our whole world and everything in it—is essentially a line of code. That means that my very perception of the world is created, written and shaped, much like it is through the media. So what does this really mean? Is Wikileaks the red pill or the blue pill? Come with me down the rabbit hole and I’ll show you…

Proud To Be An American

I was 6 weeks pregnant with my first daughter when I boarded a plane at 8am on the morning of September 11th. My husband and I had flown out of New York the day before, to Toronto, and on 9/11 we were flying from Toronto to Montreal. When we landed at about 9:30am not only did we not know what was going on and everyone we know feared we were dead (unaware that our flight out of NY was the day before and with all the confusion at that moment), but we were outside America! This was a visceral feeling on that morning, watching the news of the attacks from the Toronto airport, deeply uncertain we were going to be able to get home. We were able to rent the last car at the airport and headed for the border. My husband and I were traveling with someone he worked with at the time, a European citizen. Still we managed to cross back into the US. During the 30 hour drive to Florida, where we lived, not only did we drive right by the smoldering collapsed towers, my husband and I staring absently across the river in teary shocked silence, but we listened to this non-American tell us how this was all our fault. For thirty hours straight. And as we listened on the radio to President Bush’s emotional address, our non-American travel companion often scoffed at his words, rolling his eyes, even seeming disgusted. But none of that registered at all—other than being deeply offensive. My husband and I were clinging to the President’s every word. We were terrified and utterly confused, like all Americans on that day.

From that moment on I didn’t care what the government had to do to keep us safe, I didn’t understand why anyone would want to hurt us, I thought we were the good guys. My simulation created idea of what America had been doing around the world was intact, in fact now it was stronger than ever. Installing democracies was a good thing, being the world’s police was nice of us, toppling “bad leaders” was righteous, and so on. And those were just the things I knew about. I never once thought our own government would do the wrong thing, and it never did occur to me that anyone profited off war—remember, I was young. Plus I know that our US service men and women are good honorable people, the best, and so we were the best. The end.

The Truth is a Bitter Pill

Long before the 2016 U.S. election, Wikileaks had been publishing documents that had been revealing what our government and other governments around the world were doing in our names; war crimes, censorship, illegal activities, humanitarian, environmental, and human rights atrocities. Though I, for one, was not reading them. I didn’t even know they existed really, until the DNC leaks.

After that, everything changed. And while the world within the matrix was trying to figure out if Wikileaks was the Russians, or paid by the Russians, or in any way involved with the Russians (remember how the cries of ‘it was the Reds,’ of Russian involvement irrupted almost instantaneously) I was busy reading thousands of enlightening things on Wikileaks. And my perspective was shifting, my mind was being blown open about what our government has been doing since the late 70’s. Everything was beginning to make so much more sense!

Do you know that the United States has been at war for 93% of our existence?       

Perhaps we are living in a computer simulation, and perhaps Wikileaks isn’t the reds, as they’d like you to believe, it is the red pill. The one they want us to avoid at all costs—for it causes us to awaken. Considering ‘the blue pill’ has been downloaded into our collective mainframe as Viagra, ‘take the blue pill,’ sex, youthfulness, happiness, I tend not to doubt the simulation argument.

Red, bad. Blue, good. Republican, bad. Democrat, good. Russian, bad. Viagra, good… I mean America, good. (wink)

So, Here’s Your Red Pill… If You Choose to Take It

Last month Wikileaks published documents proving that the CIA spied on the French Presidential candidates in the lead up to their 2012 election. “The CIA assessed that President Sarkozy’s party was not assured re-election.” So… everyone needed to be spied on?

Today, Wikileaks revealed that, some time ago, “the CIA lost control of the majority of its hacking arsenal, an extraordinary collection, which amounts to more than several hundred million lines of code, and gives its possessor the entire hacking capacity of the CIA.”

No matter how you feel about leaks (an opinion likely shaped for you by the talking heads of the 2016 election) we are better off knowing information about what our government is doing, and doing wrong, than not knowing it. And who was going to tell us? Them? The hard truth is this. We have given our power over to others who have been mishandling it, profiting from it and manipulating us by it for a very long time. The leaks today are a piece of our power restored, plain and simple.

It is not republicans vs democrats. It is not even the people vs the government. It is the truth vs the absence of truth. And the red pill is simply a metaphor for the truth.

Now I know all of our heels are dug in to the left vs right, the liberal vs conservative infighting paradigm, but where has it gotten us? This is the very way in which we allow the subjugation of our power, it is the means and method by which we stay trapped in the illusion that our power is outside ourselves—when we place it in a candidate or an institution. But once you being to see everything for what it is, a binary matrix for the management of our consciousness, it all drops away. All you have to do is see the illusion for it to shatter. Then the pandering become obvious, the tactics transparent, and you see partisanship for what it is, a silly little hyper loop to nowhere.

Let it go—stop attaching your opinions or voting preference to your concept of who you are and so much room will open up for your consciousness to expanded.

America, The Beautiful

Personally, I don’t think America has yet stepped into the fullness of her destiny. But I do believe that we, the American people, have the will and intention to bring forth love and beauty and magic into the world. The past is fixed but the future is not, and the more we know the truth the better. Only then will we move into our unbound destinies—that reality will never be born of a bureaucracy, it will be us, truly being in our own power. Americans are wonderful, generous, kind people, if we keep command our own power and keep the truth first, we can begin to spread light and prosperity to the world.

Here are 11 of the most enlightening things Wikileaks has revealed:

And here’s the 9/11 red pill:



Our Society’s Problem Isn’t Hate

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We are not suffering from an epidemic of hate.

We are not suffering from a swelling of ignorance.

We are not suffering from systemic intolerance.

We are suffering from an overgrowth of PERSPECTIVE.

What is an overgrowth of perspective?

It’s the attachment of your opinion to your concept of who you are.

How does this happen?

When a person allows their ego to use their ideas and opinions to create an identity.

What does this do?

It stifles energy and creates suffering for you and for the world.

Can we change it?

Only you can change it, and only for yourself.


By looking within, observing yourself and by becoming non-reactive.

You mean no longer having an opinion? By not caring?

No. You may have an opinion and you may care deeply but you won’t be identified with your thought or position as an extension of who you are, thus you won’t need to defend or protect it from those who might disagree. And you’ll be able to listen to their ideas as well. You begin to realize that ideas are fluid and the truth is always revealing itself, like the perpetual opening of a flower. So someone can disagree with you, or events can occur that don’t go your way or someone else can turn out to be right and you won’t die an existential death when it happens. You will be able to easily let it go—like releasing flower pedals into the wind—you will be free.

xx Tiffany

Author of The Oldest Soul Trilogy

American Feminists Stand With… The Patriarchy??

This is a striking image – one that tugs at our American values of inclusion and religious tolerance. But like all art, after a little contemplation the educated person understands precisely why this image is so… stirring.

Because, it is a visual oxymoron.

These two things, the American flag and the hijab, have completely opposing meanings as it pertains to women.

I know one thing about every woman I’ve seen holding this image high above their head. They must not possess even a basic understanding of Islam. Because if they did, seeing a hijab made of an American flag would scramble their signal. First and foremost because in America we pride ourselves on having and continuing to foster a society where there are no barriers for women. Right? Well, if you start with just the word “hijab” it literally means “barrier” in Arabic… you’ll have to google it ‘hijab means barrier’ because there is now a large push to suppress this information.

Go ahead, Google it.    I’ll wait.

Interesting, right? Physically and symbolically, that is what the hijab, burka, and the niqub are meant to be, barriers between men and women and barriers between women and society. So if you were upset that Hillary’s glass ceiling did not get shattered on election night, than this image should make you equally as upset.

At this very moment women in Iran are risking their lives to post pictures of themselves on social media without their hijab in protest of the strictly enforced laws requiring them and here in this country our feminists are celebrating the very same garment in a dangerously misguided attempt at tolerance that is in fact a show of support for the systemic oppression of women.

As you hold a sign of this image while marching for woman’s rights know this. Globally, the vast majority of women who don this garment do not do so under their own free will. Are you still holding it? :/ Maybe not quite so high? Yeah, it gets worse.

Purpose of The Hijab

In Islam it is put upon women to control the sexual desires of men. It is said that ‘a wisp of hair or the sight of an ankle is enough to trigger a man’s natural sexual aggression, which would be the women’s fault—thus they are to keep themselves covered’…. in America we’ve got a name for that shit, it’s called ‘rape culture.’ In America women wear what they want, they cover what they want, and men are responsible for their own actions. The hijab, as a symbol, represents the exact opposite.

If you support women’s rights or consider yourself a feminist and you celebrate, revere or God forbid wear the hijab in a misguided attempt to be tolerant what you are actually doing is throwing the full weight of your support behind a more systemic, oppressive, violent misogyny than has ever been seen by American women in the history of this country. You are being tolerant of intolerance, not only toward women, but also gays. You are literally endorsing inequality! Liberals and particularly feminists who take no issue with Islam, or disturbingly take to fetishizing it, reveal themselves to be uneducated and fully ignorant to all the most basic teachings of Islam.

I’m a big believer in owning your own quest for knowledge. So, here…

Some Things For You to Google:

Can Muslim men beat their wives?

Are women considered property or possessions in Islam?

Are women equal to men in Islam?

Does the Quran say that men are more intelligent than women?

Does the Quran say that no nation that elects a women as their leader will ever prosper? (WTF!!??)

Can Muslim woman only marry Muslim men?

Can Muslim men marry anyone they want?

According to Islam is hell filled only with women?

Why is the testimony of two women equal to the testimony of one man in Islam?

Can a Muslim woman ask for a divorce?

Can a Muslim woman say no to sex with her husband?

Can a Muslim woman decide to leave Islam?

Can a Muslim woman leave the house if her husband says no?

What is honor killing in Islam?

Now, before you go becoming an apologist and convincing yourself that these things only apply to radical Islam, here are some sobering current global statistics of the ongoing abuse of women in which the hijab is the star symbol.

This Saudi woman was arrested in December for posting a picture of herself without her hijab on Twitter. She is being called the Saudi Rosa Parks. The response was swift and brutal, “The least punishment for her is beheading” and “Kill her and throw her corpse to the dogs” demanded the men of her country. The status of her life is unknown. Over this same garment of clothes western women have begun to ignorantly embrace.

The brutal truth is that standing in “solidarity” appeals to our own narcissism so much we don’t stop and ask about the culture we’re fetishizing for the sake of our own tolerance scoreboard (ouch). I’m sorry my fellow feminists but I love you too much not to tell you.

As the author of a YA trilogy challenging our actual gender issues as it pertains to culture and society at the root source, I want you to understand something: this image is not helping, this image is dangerous. By coopting the intrinsics of American gender equality, which by the way we have achieved and even overshot at this point, not only does this image slyly legitimizes the subjugation of women worldwide, but it props up the shit story that women are to blame for the ‘fall of humanity,’ and the crumbling paradigm that we are created as “helpmates,” to serve men and must know our place – which are the intrinsics of the hijab.

According to feminist Muslim women the hijab is “a symbol of a dangerous purity culture obsessed with honor and virginity.”

According to these Muslim women who are brave enough to come out and ask western women not to celebrate the hijab in solidarity, “To us, anyone who celebrates the hijab is standing on the wrong side of a lethal war of ideas that sexually objectifies women as vessels for honor and temptation, absolving men of personal responsibility. This purity culture covers, segregates, subordinates, silences, jails and kills women and girls around the world.”

I know. Just go ahead and lay the sign down and slowly back away.

Great women in this country have fought hard for the freedom we live with. I will leave you with this to prompt you to honor that legacy by being very picky about which symbols you select as empowering of women.

*The people in this video are following their religion to the letter. Google ‘the punishment for apostasy’ for more information.

**WARNING this video contains disturbing images of graphic violence.