Um… so yeah, I’m freaking out!

Hey Guys!

First and foremost I’m so incredibly grateful to all the fans eagerly awaiting The Oldest Soul book two, your excitement for this trilogy is truly overwhelming!! In the meantime I’m super excited to announce the launch of!!!!

Loyal fans of The Oldest Soul Trilogy will get the very latest on release dates for upcoming books, exciting buzz, and all things TOS! I’ll show how I stay inspired and give an unfiltered glimpse into my bizarre world of writing books, movies and TV. I’ll even tell you why I love that weirdly morbid Bukowski quote, “Find what you love and let it kill you.”

As a bonus, I’ll show you how to pretend to be a balanced normal person if you’re a ‘creative type’ like me and what to do when the other people who live inside your house (the non-fictional ones) insist you keep at least one foot in the real world. sigh. 

It’s the perfect spot to talk to other TOS fans about your thoughts and fan theories, or, of course, send me your poems and artwork (which I love!) housekeeping note, I am no longer accepting macaroni necklaces ( story).

Maybe best of all, you’ll get to pepper me with the zillions of questions Animus raises, like—do I believe in reincarnation—why does Shamus hate Eve—why did Roman push Eve toward Jude—and so on. I’ll post and answer as many of them as I can here! Basically, we’re gonna have a really good time… Oh, I almost forgot I’m going to select five lucky followers to receive a free autographed copy of Animus!! One of those will be selected to receive an advanced autographed copy of book two before it goes on sale!! So be sure to click ‘follow my blog posts’ at the bottom of the page!!

Guys, I’m so excited to have this place to come together with you!! This is exactly like a secret society without the creepy robes and weird ceremonies! Haha, just kidding! Of course we’ll have robes and ceremonies!!



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