Welcome To My Official Website!

To kick things off I thought I’d set the bar super low with an early morning bathroom selfie! This is pretty much how I look every single day (all dressed to workout which almost never actually happen once I start writing). So there you have it.

Guys, I’m so incredibly grateful to all the fans eagerly awaiting The Oldest Soul book two, your excitement for this trilogy is truly overwhelming!! I appreciate it so much and I’m working really hard to get it into your hands ASAP! You are not going to believe what happens next btw!

Here you’ll find all the latest news and happenings with my books. This is where I’ll address all your many and fascinating questions and keep you updated on new releases. I’ll also be sharing some fun personal stories, writing tips and ‘a day in the life’ kind of stuff so be prepared for the occasional picture of my dog swimming in a creek or shot of my unbelievably messy desk.

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