Our Society’s Problem Isn’t Hate

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We are not suffering from an epidemic of hate.

We are not suffering from a swelling of ignorance.

We are not suffering from systemic intolerance.

We are suffering from an overgrowth of PERSPECTIVE.

What is an overgrowth of perspective?

It’s the attachment of your opinion to your concept of who you are.

How does this happen?

When a person allows their ego to use their ideas and opinions to create an identity.

What does this do?

It stifles energy and creates suffering for you and for the world.

Can we change it?

Only you can change it, and only for yourself.


By looking within, observing yourself and by becoming non-reactive.

You mean no longer having an opinion? By not caring?

No. You may have an opinion and you may care deeply but you won’t be identified with your thought or position as an extension of who you are, thus you won’t need to defend or protect it from those who might disagree. And you’ll be able to listen to their ideas as well. You begin to realize that ideas are fluid and the truth is always revealing itself, like the perpetual opening of a flower. So someone can disagree with you, or events can occur that don’t go your way or someone else can turn out to be right and you won’t die an existential death when it happens. You will be able to easily let it go—like releasing flower pedals into the wind—you will be free.

xx Tiffany

Author of The Oldest Soul Trilogy


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