The World of Lies Is Crumbling—Can You Feel It?

This week in global apocalypse news, the world of lies is crumbling.

If there was any doubt that one world is in fact fading away and another is rising, that doubt has all been removed now. We’re seeing it everywhere, from the pedophile priests being exposed by the hundreds to the deep state coup attempt being revealed and of course the prison pyramid of Hollywood being unearthed brick by brick.

Months ago I kept having the same thought; if you’re doing anything to harm or control anyone for your own power or profit, you’d better stop now, cause that world is collapsing. If you have a history of doing this and particularly if you’re a wealthy elite, a famous celebrity or politician… run and hide.

It’s funny, I’d been seeing stories of “the global elites all building elaborate doomsday shelters” over the last year, which is them knowing on a soul level that all of this was coming, and now it’s all beginning to make perfect sense.

Things are getting interesting, and this will only increase in magnitude and consequence.

The things that will come next will keep getting weirder and weirder. Everything is being brought out of every dark corner of our souls. In fall, we were in the Harvey Weinstein portion of the discovery process, which was meant to be showing us, not Harvey Weinstein but ourselves, how we manifest in this world when our ego takes complete and total control of our lives, what that looks like—note, it’s ugly. And what it does to the people around us—it’s even uglier.

Life lived in a way that doesn’t value people, but sees them only as a means to an end, a commodity to be exploited is an archetype that’s coming to an end. This hollow depraved character fears anything or anyone with any kind of power over them.


If you can’t see that yet, you’re not paying attention.

And to “pay attention” was the first lesson we got early in the fall of 2017, back when this thing really got started. But as we’ve talked about, it’s knowing what to pay attention to and what is a distraction that is so critical right now. This is why the NFL was the first titan to fall. It is a distraction. They been earning their worst rating ever because… we’ve lost interest. And that’s fine, it’s good in fact. If football as we know it goes away, that will be a net positive for humanity. It’s an abusive sport on every level and represents very low ‘gladiator consciousness’ not what the evolution of man should aspire to any longer. And it’s fall symbolizes our rise. The collapsing NFL was of the first harbingers that all this was coming: “don’t be distracted anymore, time to sit up and pay attention.”

And Weinstein was the Hollywood harbinger.

My husband tried to watch the latest Transformers movie a few months ago and said to me three-quarters of the way through, “I don’t know if it’s me or the movie, but I just can not get into this.” After I watched with him for a bit, we concluded that the movies haven’t changed… humanity has.

This is why Hollywood began absolutely tanking over the last several years, when all this shifting consciousness kicked into overdrive. That was the writing on the wall for the Weinstein’s of the world, and it’s been there awhile, though no one wanted to read it because they didn’t like what it said—that everything was changing and they would have to change too. They’d also have to wake up. They we’re all like, “hard pass,” a decision that sealed their fate.

Instead, they doubled down on the most mind numbing pointless reboot after reboot and tried to cram it all down our throats, then force us to praise them for it at the Oscars, while continuing to be subhuman scum IRL and wondered why they were becoming irrelevant. As an institution Hollywood lost it’s soul a long time ago, if it ever had one at all, but starting in the fall of last year that fact seemed to become impossible for us to ignore or for them to hide any longer.

So yes, absolutely, Hollywood, as we know it, will go away but in its place will rise a glorious bastion of artistry, a hub of divine manifestation, where nothing ever gets in the way of the art, that will shower humanity with the blessings of its creations—a beacon of what storytelling was always meant to be. It is the world of Weinstein, casting couches, superhero reboots for the unawakened and a dark system of compromise and abuse that’s withering on the vine. When all that’s flushed out of the system, the words “Once Upon A Time” will mean even more than it ever did.

What is the ‘Harvey Weinstein self-indulged, enabled, power-hungry, sexual predator’ course of this galactic meal we are meant to be digesting all about?

I’m so glad you asked!!

You’d be wrong if you thought this was about Harvey Weinstein, and the long line of others. This is about us, each and every one of us as individuals and as a collective.

In a weird way Harvey Weinstein is being sacrificed for the good of all humanity, albeit at his own hand. If you believe in things like soul contracts he may have even made a deal to come in and do this, for us. Regardless, don’t waste your time sitting in judgement of him. It is not about him. Use this, and what is being illuminated here to excavate the same themes in your own life.

Power, abuse, narcissism, and ego, this is our homework.

Guys, that’s what all this is for. This ‘apocalypse’ is us showing ourselves who we are. Lifting the veil on the beliefs that pervade our societies, our minds, false beliefs and the destructive tendencies we have allowed to run our hearts, and stifle them.

Keep paying attention. Observe what’s going on in countries all around the world, and from Washington to Hollywood, but watch it from a ‘witness perspective.’ Don’t allow the chaotic world right now to unravel you. Stay grounded and stay in truth and light, and keep going within. Take the things being exposed and examine your own life and heart.

Where do I think we’re heading next?

I think we’re going to stay on this current theme for a while but I’d say start readying your heart to take responsibility, particularly as Americans, in what our government has been doing around the world in our name. Prepare to examine our collective complacency, our easily fomented divisions, our mental laziness, and our need to be right, how brainwashed we’ve allowed ourselves to become, how we just accepted war and forgot to care about peace. Get ready to redefine ourselves and our idea of community. Get ready to learn that WE are the leaders of the free world, not our government, and we always were, and be prepared to be shown the fruits of what we’ve done with that role so far, and ready to forge ahead in a brand new highly conscious way as protectors of liberty and sovereignty, what we were always destined to be.

It bears repeating that what we are seeing is what I call “the control matrix” crumbling and the rise of the “I AM matrix” — the great shift, the apocalypse, call it what you want, but it is happening — and the more we all understand what it is the better. Fear is the food is the control matrix, and we don’t want to feed that monster.

xoxoxo Tiffany ✌🏼❤️ 🇺🇸

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  1. Well written. You really hit the nail on the head and I do believe that we need to fall in order to rise again. I also believe that many more will fall at the fate of their own hands.

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