You’re Not Alone. We’re All Seeing The Numbers 9:11 and 11:11 Lately. Here’s What It Means…

Alright guys, I know it’s not just me because I’ve been hearing it from so many of you. Things are very… odd… right now, right? Strange. Life feels different than it’s ever felt. Like everything is changing and something very big is possible, something new. That’s because, it is.

So many of you say that my books are eerily familiar to you, and this new possibility is what I am writing about. I think we’re all on the same mysterious wave length/frequency. And lately, particularly since the solar eclipse, things have been increasingly strange. My ears are ringing constantly with really high frequencies. Time feels “stretchy,” almost as if I’m experiencing it in a new way. It’s very trippy, like I’m high without being high. Very often the words being sung in a song on the radio will be the same words I’m saying to someone at that very moment, like all the time. And repeating numbers, everywhere, all the time. In particular 9:11 and 11:11.

I see both of these numbers multiple times every day. This began for me on September 11th of this year (the 9:11, 11:11 thing) and it has continued with ALARMING consistency. Not just on clocks but on receipts, license plates, bills, billboards, tv, everywhere I look!!! When you all started telling me the same thing I meditated on it. I asked to be shown what it means. I felt I knew exactly what it meant, I felt it very strongly, but I wanted to be sure. So, here’s the answer I’ve been receiving. Like my books this answer is a combination of gnostic and esoteric knowledge and research, intuition, quantum reality, metaphysics, and channeling. See how it sits with you and do with it what you will.

First and foremost, everything going on with humanity is also going on with earth, our world is a mirror of us and we are a mirror of our world. Ultimately, what is happening is that there’s a MAJOR tug of war going on right now, energetically, on this planet. We are experiencing the push pull of our shifting from a ‘control matrix’ to a ‘matrix of liberation, the I AM matrix.’


Everywhere you look humans are fighting for sovereignty. The Catalonia referendum happening tomorrow, the Kurdish vote, Biafra referendum in Nigeria, Brexit, the US election, everywhere you look people are unseating those who have controlled them, established power centers. All forms of control are being destroyed, from physical and financial, to mind control. Hollywood is crumbling, the war selling corporate media, our gladiator sports that keep us asleep, all of it is falling away. Humans are breaking out of the control matrix, the one we’ve been under for the last 13,000 years (I will tell you more about that in another post, but it has to do with the stars and our shift from alignment with Orion to alignment with Ophiuchus which happened on December 21, 2012).

What humans want now is not just “self rule” but it is total autonomy, this is the rise of “I AM” and the falling away of “I am empowered by,” as seen by the crumbling of the Catholic church and their lies being exposed. It’s everywhere, just look at things like cryptocurrency, and mark my words humans will unseat the federal reserve and the entire world bank. Because our new consciousness knows its own power and is beginning to stand in it for the first time. What we’re witnessing is the crumbling of the control matrix of the last 13,000 years, and everything in it. This system had its place but it was built on enslavement, on convincing people that their power is outside themselves, and then hoarding that power. All of that is dying away. Human consciousness has outgrown this system.

So how does this relate to 9:11 and 11:11 being in my face 24/7?

Numbers are energy, they carry vibrational frequencies, which are what make up this reality. From an energetic/symbolic perspective the number 9 represents: attainment, total, complete. The number 11 is: a channel into the subconscious, it is our psychic awareness. So the 9 combined with 11 is the attainment of our minds, essentially.

The 9:11 represents the old control matrix, non-sovereign minds, our consciousness controlled by fear and the false perception of vulnerabilities and limitations. Beyond how this number is burned into our collective psyche from 9/11/01, (not at all a coincidence btw) why do you think you call 911 in an emergency? So that some power outside yourself will come rescue you. This number is emblematic of the matrix of fear, dependency, chaos, control, of our power existing outside ourselves.

Combining the 9 with the 11, under conditions of fear and things out of our control, creates the illusion of powerlessness.

The number 11 being our psychic awareness, 11:11 is essentially the digital code for awakening. Awakening to the I AM. Awakening to the truth that all the power of the universe already resides within us, and we can do whatever we choose to do with it. We can use our own power for ourselves, for humanity, for one another, and no longer give it away to those who seek to control us, our planet and our earth brothers and sisters, poisoning our food our bodies and our minds. That’s why things like farmers markets are over flowing right now, people are taking back control of their food, their lives, their money, their governance, their minds, it’s everywhere.

The 11:11 represents new consciousness, liberation, the final evolution and the awakening to I AM. It is our psychic connection to our own divine self, our truth. Christ consciousness, what Jesus was really teaching us. People call 11:11 the angel number but the truth is you are your own angel, this number is about you becoming aware of yourself as the divine indestructible universal force you are.

People who are seeing 9:11 and 11:11 are awakening first and are the ones who are supposed to help and assist others and this entire process, and here’s how to help.

Right now there are 3 important things to focus on:

1.) TRUTH –  support truth being revealed in every situation and in every way you can. Support and promote transparency in all its forms, truth is the elixir, it is the gateway to enlightenment, it raises consciousness and awakens. The days of secrecy are over, secrecy is the enemy of truth. This requires you to not be attached to anything other than the truth itself. Being attached or identified with anything other than the truth itself is an illusion, it’s part of the control matrix. Let whatever is revealed be revealed, no matter who or what it destroys. Just observe it, unattached, and let the truth do its work.

2.) SOVEREIGNTY –  defend it for all those who seek it, this is not ‘nationalism,’ as the established global powers brainwash people into believing, this is the I AM energy manifesting. Pay attention to what’s happening in Spain this weekend. People don’t realize it but sovereignty and oneness are inextricably linked. Oneness without sovereignty is powerlessness, consolidation of power, globalism under government rule, herding humans like cattle. Oneness born of sovereign beings, oneness out of choice, liberty and free will, is the only true oneness. E pluribus unum, out of many (many sovereign beings, many I AM’s) one. The eventual union of sovereign beings is true oneness, everything else is an illusion, the illusion of freedom, the illusion of choice, the illusion of liberty, the illusion of peace. Support every being seeking sovereignty over their own power, this is the I AM manifesting. When all those sovereign beings unite to do anything, anything is possible, and the world will know true oneness.

3.) PEACE – start talking about peace again, manifest a new peace movement, like in the 70’s. Have sit-ins, love-ins, a new Woodstock, one every weekend instead of watching football. Come together, commune, listen to one another, just love love love love. This energy surged up in the 70’s but we were still in the age of Pisces, now we are actually in the age of Aquarius, and this same energy is surging. This time it’s going to go global.

So guys, this is what’s going on, and it’s really exciting to be alive right now. All these things that have been swirling through my head as I prepare to release the third and final book I know you’ve all been waiting so patiently for. It will be worth it I promise, as it takes us into all of this, gives a road map for where we’re going and how to get there. And hearing that so many of you are also seeing 9:11 and 11:11 every day multiple times a day, it gives me even more assurance that we’re all moving in the right direction.

Peace & Love & Flower Power my hippies!


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8 thoughts on “You’re Not Alone. We’re All Seeing The Numbers 9:11 and 11:11 Lately. Here’s What It Means…

  1. I see even more number than that tiffany! 1:23 12:21 4:44 3:21 1:11 and basically I’m just realizing there’s no limit to how aware of ourselves we can actually become. Lovely article, I can’t wait for the next book 🙂 <3

      1. The past 2 weeks really, it seems like it happens with higher frequency the more in tune to myself I am. Very often I see the minutes of the hour on my phone are the same as battery power left as well.

  2. Hello, I see every number sequence followed by 11 every single day multiple times a day. For example, yesterday was 8:11am, 9:11am, 2:11pm, 7:11pm. Today was 2:11pm & 7:11pm. Everyday is different so I’m starting to finally write them down after a few years of this. At first it was only 9:11 for almost a year, then it stopped for several months, it picked right back up a year and a half ago but now with all sorts of variations but always a number followed by :11. I’ve felt the urge to write them down before but didn’t, I just gave thanks to God for letting me know He is there. Now I’m seeking to know the meaning so that I may understand & not ignore what may be actual signs. I prayed & asked to see the “breadcrumbs” God leaves for me to find. So hopefully journaling will assist in what is being revealed. Any advice to what else I should be doing with this information would be gratefully appreciated.

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