No, You’re Not Going Crazy! It’s Just That We Are The World—Literally!!

A father was left to care for his young daughter one evening. The little girl wanted to play with the Dad but the Father had some work to do. So he came up with an idea to keep his daughter busy for a while . He saw in a magazine that there was this elaborate picture of the world the father pulled the picture out as his daughter curiously watched with a smile. He showed her the picture and then he tore it up into several smaller pieces and he said ” let’s play a game honey see if you can put this picture back together” . The little girl smiled and thought this was a fun game , she grabbed the pieces and went to her room to try to solve the puzzle .The Dad figured this would keep his daughter busy for a while so he could finish his work . To his surprise in a short time the little girl brought the litter back to her Dad all taped up and the picture of the world was perfectly pieced together. In shock he said to the girl , how did you do this so fast . The little girl said” I didn’t know how to put the world together it was too hard , but I saw when you took the picture out that there was a big picture of a person on the other side . I thought that if I could put the person together the world would come together as well “. The Dad smiled hugged his sweet little girl and forgot all about his work and he played the rest of the night with his daughter.

We Truly Are The World

That beautiful story resonates so deeply at the moment, doesn’t it? The same chaotic energy is reverberating throughout us and our world. We are being pulled apart, all to put ourselves back together in a whole new way.

There is so much going on right now that I feel it’s important just to acknowledge it. So, yes! There is A LOT going on right now. You’re not going crazy!! We are all seeing it, and feeling it. This massive wave of… well, stuff, I guess you could say. Stuff coming down from the heavens in the form of knowledge, insights, evolutionary information, all at warp speed. And stuff coming up from the earth as well, all that was hidden under every rock.

I’m going to be honest with you guys, I just sort of, know things. I don’t think too much about it, and don’t feel the need to label it, but for as long as I can remember I’ve been, for lack of a better word, tapped in. And right now I do know what’s going on. I know what it is that we’re really seeing, what we’re going to be seeing, and why. And I am filled with the knowledge of exactly what we’re supposed to focus on. I’m going to share it with all of you and hope you’ll share it with as many as you can because, as I’ve said over and over, this is a glorious time, we are writing the future and can make it anything we want! It’s also a ride on a cosmic rollercoaster, ready or not!

For the ones who are ready, I truly believe that together we are lighting the way for the collective.


What is happening, in general right now, I’m calling The Great Shift.

This shift that we’re in is going on simultaneously within the earth, the heavens and within us, individually and collectively. In the simplest terms, it is the crumbling away of the world we build over the last 2000 years which I call “The Control Matrix.” Where we wanted to experience an earthly existence as humans without the knowledge of the god/creator within themselves, asleep to our God-self. Where humans falsely believed that power comes from outside themselves. What’s happening now is the revealing of “The I AM Matrix” the Christ consciousness, where humans know that all the power in the universe was always inside them, that that power can never be taken or destroyed. This I AM energy was always there, but it was buried underneath the false world of all the thing/people seeking power and control. All of that is and always was a lie, and we are awakening to our truth. But we wanted to experience it, to see what we could build this way, as humans without the knowledge that we were also one with God, the heights we could climb to and the depths it might take us to as well.

But now, The Great Shift is here.

For divine reasons each one of us has chosen to be here for the party—the time when humanity will go from literally not knowing of the God inside them, to knowing it. So everything is going to shift, and this is going to be a new experience for all of us.

This shift has been building since it really began in 2011-2012, but right now we are at the culmination of it. The end… which is really the beginning! We are here to watch the old fall away and to build the new. That’s why the generation of kids under about 17 are called “The Founders!” It’s all beautiful and exciting, but it does not feel like it at the moment. That’s why I think I’m here, to help you!


Basically today and the next couple days, there are SO many things vying for your attention, both truth and lies. And that’s because very powerful, earth shifting truths are being revealed to us, and all the old energy wants to keep us as distracted as possible. This is a very important part of the shift we’re in right now.

It is supremely important to be seeking the truth. Here’s what to focus on.

The truth: things that liberate people (leaks, whistleblowers, investigative journalism)

The lies: things that control people  (secrecy, more laws, fear)

Think of this moment we’re in, not just in terms of our governments, societies, and earth, but also on a deeply personal level as well. When you’re giving your attention to something just ask yourself, does this liberate or does it control? Just like it is happening out in the wider world world, meditate on this in your own life. Who or what are you trying to control, and why? Or who or what is controlling you, and why? What if that fell away? What would it take for that to fall away? Truth, perhaps?

Truth is your liberation. And your liberation is the truth.

Do Not Focus On, Argue About, Or Even Think About: Gun Control

People talking about the need to limit or restrict other human beings in any way, are all people you can go ahead and completely tune out. Humans do not need to be limited. That is a lie, it is the old dying control matrix trying to stay alive, using fear, more laws and secrecy, do not feed it!

Anything that is about control of citizens, individuals, and everyday people just go ahead and turn it off. Don’t waste your energy arguing with people about it. Anything about controlling your fellow man is all rooted in fear. Control is spread by fear and control feeds on fear.

The gun control issue being pushed into your face right now is intended to make you fear yourself and your fellow citizens, and fear power, it is the death gasp of the dying world, the one that says humans need to be controlled by other humans, that says humans are not born sovereign and free. That is not the truth, so do not give your energy to it. It drains you, because when you’re in it, you’re in a lie.

The truth is that guns will fade away when they are no longer needed by any humans on this planet at all. Here’s the perfect article to read about that. But just know that guns will fade out of our experience when the time is perfect, like the NFL and Hollywood are both fading away right now, because our consciousness is rising, and because we don’t need them now. Not in their current forms. So we’re just letting them go, without clinging or resistance.

We are getting A LOT of truth! The Las Vegas shooting narrative is unraveling by the second, revealing things to us about our government, our world, and ourselves. I’ll do a separate video on my thoughts about Vegas. But whether you personally want to pay attention to what’s being revealed or dig into it, or not, don’t shame anyone seeking the truth about what happened. The truth matters. And seeking it is always the noblest of acts. A service to humankind. People seek the truth because they care. Don’t fight against what is revealed—no matter who or what it destroys. If it brings down our government, know that we will build a new, a much better one; an actual shining city on a hill. What America has always been meant to be.

We’re going to be finding out lots of things about people who have been in control of our world, government corruption, and all forms of abuses of power. This is on a global as well as an individual level. Information, much of which has been long overdue, is where to shine your light right now. Try not to be attached to things that you may have believed were the truth but that were actually build of lies. Let the truth do its work to transmute those things. Every time the truth is revealed we are all liberated. The truth is the elixir, it raises consciousness, it speeds the coming of the new, and it shows us the way.

I’ll put some links below of a few things I see being revealed that I think are the kinds of powerful, earth shifting truths I’m talking about that are just starting to roll out. You’ll notice the theme of those in power controlling the most vulnerable among us. Sex trafficking and abuse within Washington, Hollywood, and religions. The stories coming out now are connected to bigger fish, so keep an eye on this. It’s unraveling will be our watershed moment.

I also have my eyes on all thing related to sovereignty, this is the I AM energy manifesting. It is liberation. (more on that to come)

Stay grounded in yourself and be in truth and liberation.

Peace and Love ✌🏼 ❤️




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