Welcome to The Watershed! Open The Flood Gates!

This week in global apocalypse news, we left behind “the world of lies is starting to crumble” where there was a drip, drip, drip of some shocking revelations, and have officially entered into “oh shit, the flood is coming, open the fucking gates.”

Can you feel it? We are being flooded with information? A deluge of revelations.

Welcome to the watershed!

Something major shifted in the energy, and with it the proverbial diluvion period has arrived, the period of the flood. Where all the things we no longer want in our experience (corruption, exploitation, greed, injustice, evil…) are being washed away by the rising waters of truth.

Do you know that WE are making this happen? Yes! We are!

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Because our consciousness is expanding, and with it, our awareness is exploding. And with greater awareness, the lies, deceit, and corruption of the control matrix, which we’ve lived under for so long, all become more obvious and more intolerable. The light of truth is growing stronger than the darkness of the lies and corruption that have built the world we’ve known, the end of the world as we know it.

Make no mistake, we are doing it! Things aren’t just coming out willy nilly for no reason, we are causing them to be revealed, because now we want the truth. We created this world, the one of lies, and now we want to create another one. We have experienced ignorance and unknowing, we’ve bought lies about our own powerlessness, we’ve seen the world which that creates, the chaos and destruction, where Hollywood producers are really just sexual predators and the profits and powers of politicians know no bounds and their corruption knows no consequences, where there is neither justice nor sanity.

We’ve looked out over the cliff at the terrifying view from the very brink of our own nonexistence, we’ve peered, wide-eyes, at a dystopian place where our humanity could not long survive. We’ve seen the world of chemicals and pollution, of war, poverty and destruction… we got it, seriously. We’re good!

Now, we want to know enlightenment. It’s as simple as that.

We’re ready to evolve and to create a New Earth. IN FACT, that’s why we’re doing all of this!! That’s why we’re lifting the veil. Showing ourselves exactly what we’ve created with our low consciousness, our indifference, our distractibility, our desperation to find what was missing, what was inside of us all along. Love.



It’s a little rough in these parts, during the great flood, but that’s to be expected, right? Enlightenment is a destructive process–and that’s the process we as a world and as a species are undergoing.

But the wild, raging waters of the flood of truth, while disorienting, are beautiful.

You see, in a world where everything’s been so tightly controlled, where the façade we thought of as ‘our reality’ was being so carefully constructed, to some people ‘the truth’ we are now receiving can seem almost too bizarre, too inconceivable and wild, scary, impossible, and unbelievable, like conspiracy theories coming true.

To others, who’ve long been skeptical of the established power structures of this world, endlessly questioning those in control at every turn, it is exhilarating. Those who’ve toiled in the shadows… the truthers… as I’m called on a regular basis, (as if that’s somehow a dig!) this is our homecoming, these are to be our days of reckoning.

These people, the conspiracy theorists of the world, the pizzagaters, the pedogaters, those who rejected the Warren Report and the 9/11 Commission and every other narrative that was incomplete, or left out crucial evidence or testimony, not backed by verifiable facts, seeing the garbage it always was, big fat lies we were being forced to swallow, the people who always saw Hollywood for what it was, people who voted for third party candidates and who literally knew our own state department helped to create ISIS the minute they saw the production value of the first beheading video–these people have my ultimate and unwavering respect. These people deserve a freaking medal of honor and a round of applause! Cause they question in a world that’s telling them not to.

But I know these people. The misfits, the castoffs, these are my people, and they don’t need a medal, because getting the truth is enough. That’s all they ever wanted to begin with. And how noble is that? Especially given the merciless ridicule they’ve endured. “Oh ok, you think there’s some elite pedophile ring running rampant in Hollywood and Washington? Suuuurre…. You think the FBI or LBJ had something to do with the Kennedy assassination, what you think Hitler never really killed himself and was allowed to escape Germany and 9/11 was somehow an inside job, conspiracy theorist!”

Now suddenly, the one’s who’ve been ridiculing so called truthers are like, “dude, Vegas is weird, right?” “Why so many sealed indictments?” “Look at all these sexual predadors in positions of power!” And the humble truthers are all, “Yup… have you seen this or that?” Inviting them in without skipping a beat, knowing that the tactics used to deceive humanity haven’t changed, it’s the masses that have. Things haven’t gotten weirder, more people are just seeing it now.

When the whole world went one way, the tireless truthers went the other. When the whole world digests lies they search for truth. If there was a word beyond noble that would be how I would feel, eternally, about the truthers–about those who are always driven to question the narrative, to be suspicious of the powerful.


As a society, we have pushed the truth into the shadows with an exactly equal amount of fervor as we have rejected love. You can tell where we are as a species with the truth by looking at where we are with love. And where we are with the love is revealed by looking at where we are with truth… fake news, fake love, fake world…

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 2.46.47 PM

By love, I don’t mean loving groups, and causes, and certain people because they’re gay and need our love, I mean self-love, and loving your neighbors, loving people you know nothing about just because they are other humans. Loving the earth and animals and all of existence without labeling any of it, like someone cracked your heart wide open and all this nameless formless love that is you is just pouring out into the world.

The suicide rate is a direct reflection of our relationship with the truth (which is really love), the more we push truth (love) into the shadows the more we don’t know love, the higher the suicide rate climbs. For the past thirty years the suicide rate has been rising steadily. For the past five it has spiked sharply. Especially among the very young. Right along with our departure from even the most basic of truths, like gender.

The ultimate truth is love, that we are love, we come from love and return to love. So, remember, the closer we get to a world made over by truth, the closer we are to one that will be made over by love. This, if for no other reason, is why we must accept the invitation to allow the light of truth to transmute our world.

A world of truth is a world of love and a world of love is a world of peace.

A flood of truth is really a flood of love! Loving ourselves and one another enough to change the whole world!


And ready or not, the truth is coming. And it will keep coming. And keep coming. And keep coming. Roaring at us. See it as a watershed of love, breaking down everything we thought we were, everything we thought we knew, destroying it, making room for the new. So, be ready. And not just ready, help push it along. Spread truths that are now being revealed, evidence and testimony of corruption, lies, crimes, exploitation, abuse by the powerful.

Share and talk about all the new revelations that are coming to light, the real things we are learning, the corruption being revealed. Remember, it is the world of lies and control, of secrecy and deceit, of war and untold crimes against humanity that is falling, these are bad things that are being torn down, and the quicker and more drastically all of it crumbles the faster and easier building the new will be. And with every corrupt politician and abuser who we watch hauled off to jail, or disgraced, see yourself in them, see your own crimes, and let your own falseness failures and shortcomings be washed away. Even thank them inside your heart, for showing you yourself!


“The pen is mightier than the sword.”

“Ink or blood? Ink or blood? Ink or blood?”

These two sayings have been swirling around in my brain for the past week–like, really swirling! Like, I can’t sleep because of it.

Whenever this happens there’s a reason–there always turns out to be one. It’s a whisper I am meant to hear. And as I look at what’s going on around the world it’s clear to me we are being called to understand that what can be done with tanks and bombs can also be done with truth and enlightenment. With leaks, BRAVE whistleblowers, dogged journalists, and the rabid seeking of truth by humanity. By a public who is united behind truth above all else, above political parties and national boundaries. Ink or blood, this is the phase that has so often predated violence, we’ve just been too asleep and too divided to cease it effectively.

I am not going to mince words, guys. I won’t do that with you. I feel we are being given a window here. Instead of riot police and tear gas, this cleansing shift from control to I AM, can be done with votes, with our unfettered, alert, clear minds, and with our demands for holding the powerful accountable, with questioning what is unacceptable. By clearly defining who we are now, and who we are no longer.

Instead of something that resembles the Book of Revelations, I promise you we can have an INFORMATION REVELATION, but we have to choose it, actively. And right now, I have a strong knowing that we are being given a window, a choice. A window that will at some point close. A choice that will no longer exist unless we cease it right now!

Regardless, the shift has happened and the old will be and is being stripped away–one way or another–how it goes down, how long it takes and how violent or peaceful it is depends on us. On whether we are loyal to the truth or the liars. On what we choose. This is go time. Will it be ink or blood?

If we want to choose an information revelation, one of ink, not blood, here’s what we need to do:


At this point we need to be wide awake, sitting up, and paying attention, not to sports or the distraction stuff only meant to divide us, but to all the truths, facts, and revelations that are coming at us fast and furious now, every day from all areas of our society. And just as importantly, we must be unattached to whatever the truth may reveal. If we can do this, my feeling, which is so strong I’d call it an intuition, is that this entire awakening process that we have embarked upon, that we’ve chosen, and from which there is no going back, can be done with INFORMATION alone, versus violence, civil unrest, loss of liberty and life–with ink, rather than blood.

If we want to enter a new phase of society, a new evolution of humanity, where we use the truth instead of bombs, where we leave behind destruction in favor of creation, we must all be able to know, honor, see and recognize the truth. The light of truth can transmute all things.

How do you recognize the truth? It’s a valid question in this day and age. Most everything we see, especially as Americans, we see because the information was pushed to us. Someone wants us to see what we’re seeing and hence think what we’re being told to think. In this day and age of narratives and propaganda, the truth must be sought.

The truth will be: eye witnesses, informants, whistleblowers, leaks, declassified documents, investigative reporting, alternative and independent journalists, non-corporate media, and things, facts, and details revealed despite great risks and high stakes, only pay attention to these real things and people, not CNN, not narratives. Also, the truth is in us, in our gut feelings; do you feel like all the fires of late are being caused by natural phenomena? No? Well then look there, dig there, shine the light there.

Nothing, is set in stone. Every single day we are writing what will be our history, as individuals and as a collective. What do we want our history to be? What do we want the annals of our civilization to look like? In this time of the great shift were we hard headed, stubborn, blinded by false identities, political slaves, attached, unenlightened, unevolved? Were we too greedy, or too stuck in our ego, or to distracted to let the truth flow forth and do its work? Did we refuse to allow the truth into our own hearts?


I grew up Republican. This, within the confines of my specific childhood, was based on neoconservative hawkish values, greed and capitalism, the shadow side of the Republican party, the things that, as we now know, create the opposite of liberty along with oligarchs and tyranny. That was never who I was, but when I was growing up, politics wasn’t in our face, it wasn’t being actively and aggressively attached to our identity as young people, so I never thought about it. I didn’t know the difference.

During the 2000 election I lived in Palm Beach County, I was voting in a presidential election for the first time. Or at least, I was supposed to be. I forgot! As any normal 21-year-old should probably do. If you remember that was the year of “the hanging chad” where, apparently, the whole national presidential election hinged upon a handful of votes in, you guessed it, Palm Beach County. My parents were not impressed when I came home a couple hours after the polls had closed, all like, ‘oh, that was today?’ as they paced in front of the TV.

By the next election in 2004 I had 2 toddlers and a Volvo station wagon that I purchased the week after 9/11, because I thought it would somehow keep us safe in what I now perceived to be a shockingly and incurably unsafe world. One filled with invisible threats from an unknowable enemy that could strike at any moment without warning. An enemy, that psychologically, I reasoned there was no way for ME to guard against… Vegas anyone?? Again, this is what I perceived, which, as it turns out, was the exact desired effect, for profits and control to be extracted from a widespread sense of powerlessness, fear and revenge. I marched in and voted for George W. Bush–the guy killing terrorists. I don’t think I even knew who else was running.

Skip ahead, through the Iraq war, through the bank bailout, I wasn’t paying any attention to any of that, I had preschoolers, I wasn’t on Facebook, didn’t have a smartphone yet, didn’t watch or read news. In 2008 I voted for Obama, because I liked the things he said, and in a weird way to prove I wasn’t racist (which I never was, anyway, to begin with, weird times). Skip to when, years later, in 2012 I saw a clip, on YouTube, of George W. Bush. He was joking about never being able to find those darn weapons of mass destruction.

I just stared, unblinking, at the screen. When I saw that clip the world stood still. I didn’t evaluate Bush, or Cheney, or my parents, or the failures of others to prevent such horrific things having been done in my name, and such grotesque and blatant lying and war mongering, the seizing of our liberties, unconstitutional surveillance and illegal war, no, I evaluated myself. I went within. I wondered, with a heavy heart and a knot in my stomach, exactly all of what I had co-signed on. I recalled how I had felt on 9/11, “kill them, get rid of them,” how I’d even said, “I don’t care if the government is spying on me, I’m not doing anything wrong!” Yeah, all that.


There is no such thing as right and left, it is the control matrix vs the I AM matrix. Understanding that that truth, and owning my own willingness to swallow the lies, evaluating that, and growing from it is what we’re all being called to do right now, en mass. About all those in power all over the world. Party loyalty is a poison pill we have all swallowed, it’s how wars get swept under the rug, how innocent die, how bombs drop all over the earth unnoticed, and truth gets buried with a shrug, all because we let it. Because we really love Obama or Trump or Hillary, and we think they are going to save us or define us or whatever other bullshit that turns them into Gods in the minds of precisely one half of our country at a time. 🙄


We’ve been learning about the lies and corruption of politicians and political parties, about some truly widespread depravity in Hollywood, about more and more inconsistencies in the Las Vegas shooting narrative, about the crimes of corporations like Monsanto, about drug companies actively peddling opioids, about the backdoor dealings and miscarriages of justice by those within the CIA and FBI, about pedophilia rings operating rampantly around the world, about the truth of the EU and global governance. Even 90-year-old George Bush unabashedly groping women from his wheelchair. It’s as if no lie is safe, no matter how unsavory.

All manner of people who have said “trust us, we’ll do the right thing, we know what’s best,” they are showing us who they are, that it is time to trust ourselves and one another instead. It is time to stop giving power to those who seek to control and are thus unworthy, to stop believing that our power exists outside ourselves.

It is time for the I AM revolution to ignite.


xx Tiffany

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    Be well, be blessed, and oh yea, be informed!

  2. Absolutely spot on essay. I’m starting a Webiste to deal with epic lies told to the world. I will definitely be linking to your article.

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