A Battle For The Planet Has Been Raging. Today I Saw How It Ends; We Win

I have never once uttered the words, get your popcorn. Never. Once. Today I did.

Today marks a turning point for humanity, bookmark it. Today, if I’m an ‘elite,’ I grab what useless designer shit I can from my McMansion and make a break for the doomsday shelter I started stocking with mountain house MREs a year ago. Something shifted today that is unchangeable and that sealed the fate of our planet for the light. I know this is true because it’s vibrating in every cell of my body. I’m also something of a human information aggregate. A lot of you are like this.

For those of you who aren’t, yet, I’ll explain by simply breaking down the news of the afternoon of August 14th, 2018.

But before I do that, you have to know what we learned this morning, that another whistleblower was killed over night. A brave investigative journalist named Jen Moore, God rest her beautiful soul. The case involved Bill Clinton and the rape of a young boy. The untimely death of witnesses just before testimony such as this is to be given has happened hundreds of times in the last few years, perhaps thousands. Tragically.

But today felt different. Remarkably so.

Today I felt a collective ‘what the FUCK?!’ I swear I heard The People roar, ‘THIS ENDS RIGHT FUCKING NOW!’ Jen Moore did everything right, everything you’re supposed to do. She went to the FBI. Now, however, we all understand that there is a rot in our institutions like the FBI (especially the FBI).

Now we get it. Now we understand what’s been going on in our world like never before. And this morning I felt a distinct, collective rising of something many of us have felt and embodied for some time. Something called ‘I AM energy.’ This magic sauce is simply the overwhelming and bone deep knowledge that something needs done, that we are capable and equipped for the task, and that we will have to do it ourselves.

I AM energy is the end of hero worship.

I AM energy is the end of thinking someone else is going to save you.

It is the end of fantasies of a phantom someone or something that is going to come along and make whatever you want to happen magically happen. This, my dear friends, is the third act climax, it is the part in the movie when the hero has learned that they have what it takes, that the power to do whatever they want is inside them, that it has been all along, and realizes, simultaneously, there’s not a single option left but to jump.

I AM energy is the most powerful force we have as humans, and when harnessed collectively, it’s unstoppable. Just the act of us feeling it forces things to happen. So I don’t think it’s a coincidence that that’s when the news started breaking:

1. ‘The Internet’ (that’s the collective us, in case you’re wondering) Just Crowd-Funded the Release of 4,358 CIA Mind-Control Documents.

This is SO important. It’s a harbinger, a sign post indicating the coming arrival of something vastly bigger.

Why is this SO important? Because in the past, patriots of humanity like Julian Assange have risked life and limb to DO THIS FOR US. To lift the veil so to speak, and reveal the putrid rot in the underbelly of our institutions. Even still, our reaction varied from ‘eh’ to ‘oh cool’, depending on how it played for us personally in the false construct of our politically divided minds.

But we never made the effort. Not personally.

We never cared so much about saving ourselves to do so. We never possessed both the knowledge that the truth and love are the recipe for turning this hellscape we’ve been trudging through for centuries into the actual and very achievable New Earth, at the same time we possessed the moxie to fucking do it ourselves!

Well guess what, today we did. And it’s big. Not just technically, as it pertains to our freedom and putting darkness like the deep state on notice, but energetically. It’s huuge! Imagine all the secrets that have been kept from us being revealed. This event, in my humble opinion is a harbinger of a coming mass disclosure.

Quite a revelation that will be. 😉

2. Weinstein Now Accused of Sex Trafficking

Weinstein represents Hollywood. Hollywood represents our illusions, our ego run amuck and the Bobby-Whitney-Bobby-Christina Greek tragety that creates. In my mind, Harvey Weinstein is The Matrix, and not in a good way. He isn’t Neo, he’s Agent Smith.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until no one needs to hear it again. Harvey Weinstein ran Hollywood like a mob boss. He was one of many king pins. After the awesome work of totally badass indie journalist Mike Cernovich left people reeling about Hollywood and the rampant pedophilia that insiders know the town runs on, I drop kicked one of those vile king pins this week myself, and pretty likely my Hollywood career, trying to do my part to push the truth meter past the threshold. In all reality, my #MeToo moment pailed in comparison to so many brave others who have come forward to bear witness for the rest of us, but I believe it helped put the horrifying things we’re seeing into context for people, about the system and how it all works.

Now the spell has been broken, the illusion has shattered, we see that Harvey is Humpty Dumpty. He even looks like him. He’s the big oaf sitting atop the castle wall. And just like Humpty, his fall and subsequent shattering will be total and complete. And since he is so bloated, and such a glutenous egg-headed mutant monster, when he crashes it will lay waist to the fake toy kingdom below. And try as they might, the dark vile elite class he walked amongst will not be able to put him, or any of this, back together again. Ever.

Their’s was always a zero sum game. To reach the heights they rose to, so high above us all in their ivory towers, so glutenous for power, so vested in keeping us all locked in illusion, it had to be. You couldn’t just be a little bad. You had to be the most putrid subhuman scum through and through. Everyone has nuclear dirt on everyone. That’s the game they’ve all been playing. And now they’re going to pay. And pay dearly.

I don’t know what someone like Harvey Weinstein or Bill Clinton did in their past lives, but I imagine them as the reincarnation of figures like Nero and J. Edgar Hoover. They thought this lifetime was some kind of reward, they thought they had this place wired, but fate always has the last laugh.

Their sins are many, the elites who’ve run the world for God knows how long; many and dark. As dark as the human mind can imagine. So dark that most of us struggle to even begin to comprehend what we’ve been hearing. We’re talking about slavery. Sex slavery. Child sex slavery. And even, if you can imagine, worse.

It’s a deep dark rabbit hole few dare go down, but I for one am grateful to those who have. It leads to twisted knots in your stomach, and ceaseless nightmares. Those who know the truth can’t sleep. They’ve been saddled with the reality that this is actually happening, right now! People are actually suffering. Children! God help us. It’s not for the faint of heart, and far too much for most of us to bear, but bear witness we must as the truth continues to flow out like a river. ‘Courage, dear heart.’ We must walk through the fire to get to the resurrection.

Which brings me to the third news item to come out in the last hour, and the most spiritually significant.

3. “Priests were raping little boys and girls,” and church leaders hid it for years, choosing to protect priests.

This is where the proverbial religious rubber meets the road. This, in my opinion, is the last domino to fall: the church. Humanity has been victim to a galactic sized bait and switch. Our natural inclination towards spirituality has been weaponized against us. This one I will leave alone for personal contemplation. I think believers in the ‘institution of the church’ are coming to understand that we have been hoodwinked. Bigly. That, just like the idols of Washington DC, and just like the glitz of Hollywood, all is not what it seems with the holy see.

In short, yes, I’m like 99% sure we’re living through the actual apocalypse. Like the one that is actually in the actual bible. Between the fires and the earthquakes and everything above, this being ‘the end times’ is, like, not even a stretch at this point!

The good new is this! I’ve come to understand that it’s just the end of the world for everyone and everything that has sought to control humanity, all people and things that have sought to subvert our unbreakable connection to the divine. This is the ‘Elite Apocalypse!’ It is like the Hunger Games in reverse!!!

**Effie Trinket voice

“Welcome to The Elite Apocalypse, Harvey, Bill and company. Your assets have all been frozen. You have 24 hours to haul ass to your sterile underground bunkers, bitches. Go!”

Yeah, you can tell I’m kinda pumped! I believe it is officially time to grab your popcorn.

If for whatever reason, right now you’re feeling totally out of your mind anxious, take 2 minutes and watch Jane and you’ll feel so so so better. I promise! 🤣

xx Tiffany

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  1. who can I talk to about my alice in wonderland/through the looking glass book.. it was handed down from my grandmother and she read it to me every night and I her for years!! now that I’m older I realized it in this Q awakening I’m part of .. and went to go look at the book.. in it is an article from 1930.. mystery of falling walls of Jericho finally solved by professor garstang. the whole article is from Joshua in the bible god helped the Israelites win around the time of Jericho. so who put that article in there.. am I part of the looking glass army? by coincidence yesterday a complete stranger walked up to my sister and said you are one of the chosen ones.. you belong to the tribe of benjerman! if anyone knows about the looking glass army please shoot me an email lickitysmackity@gmail.com ty

  2. Right on again, Tiffany! You’re obviously locked in and a pleasure to read [only the pleasure of a like mind considering the awful subject matter]. Thanks to another blog I found you. Grateful. Carry on TF.

  3. Tiffany, thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world. I just discovered your writings a few days ago and am overwhelmed with joy! Everything you have written is spot on, especially the recent one on religion. That is a tough subject to tackle and you managed to totally hit the nail on the head! Maybe those who have closed their minds to what I try to say will be open to hearing it through you. Please keep up the amazing, excellent work!!

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