The dystopian world we are waking up to in masse was never our world. Yes, it was our collective creation, but it belonged to a handful of psychopaths. We, as a species, did not know this. We couldn’t have. Why? Because, we were hoodwinked.


How? Well, until very recently, our consciousness, collectively, has been napping. Dreaming of a beautiful world, as our bodies, minds, and souls were being ripped to shreds in a terrifying landscape. Over the course of the past year, the dream and all its lies have been wearing off.

With each new day a new horror is revealed to us. From the true depth and entrenchment of the corrupt criminal cabal that long ago hijacked our government, to the sick and twisted real lives of all our Hollywood icons, it seems every twelve hours another layer is peeled away exposing an infinite field of soulless exploitation, the virtual manifestation of 1984.

We’re finally seeing what’s been there all along.


Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 8.11.43 AM

The perfect and beautiful world THAT IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT is instead, currently, a Prison Pyramid.

This has been done using elaborate methods, over centuries of time, to centralize and consolidate power, and all the abundance, which WE create, that belongs to us.

Um Tiff, are you talking about, like, the illuminate or something???

Ugh 🙄

Guys, call it what you will, but yes ok, it’s a shadowy power structure. It’s like if Mary Kay met Tony Soprano, had a baby named Marina Abramovic, and the three of them sold their actual snake oils all over the world, ok??

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 3.58.53 PM

Look, 👆 JayZ is into it. JayZ will sell anything you’ll buy.

There’s a song I find fascinating by Jaden Smith called “Hope” that fearlessly doxxes this whole disastrous Prison Pyramid thing, where he says:

“This is for all the delirious kids
Who can live inside a prison pyramid
There’s kids in prison, are you hearing this?
Believe me this is not a conspiracy
I don’t label myself a conspiracist
I need a therapist, look, Fahrenheit 451
Building seven wasn’t hit and there’s more shit to come
The Pentagon is on a run

I don’t know Jaden’s entire story but I do know that he’s creating music outside ‘the machine.’ He moved out of his house at 16, and started his own record label to make his music. This is the future. Artists and content creators delivering their art straight to you, outside the prison pyramid. Things like this should give us hope, no pun intended.

Ok Tiffany, fine whatever but, how was this possibly accomplished?


In a single sentence here is how we got into the Prison Pyramid: A crafty and closed system of humans, ie a shadowy centralized power structure, manipulated our complexities as a species, and weaponized our best instincts against us.

  • Our inclination toward spirituality was weaponized to profit off of and control us.
  • Our logic and discernment thwarted by miseducation and then redirected away from pursuits that benefit humanity and onto a false construct of politics used to divide us.
  • Our natural propensity to organize our societies hijacked to extract our power.
  • Our drive to innovate and propel ourselves forward leveraged by a handful for their benefit and manipulated for our enslavement, the innovators themselves either killed or cast aside.

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 11.01.19 AM

This is how we have arrived at a place where:

  • Our temples of worship are replete with child predators.
  • The halls of our government are lined from end to end with the dregs of society.
  • Natural cures are outlawed and replaced with poison pharmaceuticals.
  • All influence is owned, narratives controlled and public figures merely puppets sent to hypnotize us.

Among MANY many other various prison structures, far too many to name.

Right ok Tiffany, but how? How how how how how??????

Honestly, it’s so super simple you guys. The whole hurtle to understanding is in accepting how freaking amazing and powerful we are. If you don’t believe this, if you believe we are flawed and broken and incomplete and just a total shit show without this or that magical intangible non-human thing, this is the first rock you need to look under.

Who told you that?

Who told you about things like original sin?

Who are those people?

Really, who are you?

What have THEY been doing in the world?

What are THEIR fruits?

What are you learning about them?

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 4.08.50 PM

Guys I am sorry to be the one to burst your bubble, but original sin is a flipping silly ass psyop!!! It’s a mean nasty lie meant to do precisely what it has very successfully done.


You have to stop ‘being in the lie’ to begin to understand how we got here.

Please WATCH this quick video 👇 right here, and get all caught up ✨

“In polar alignment
We’re on assignment
Bodies on consignment
Return them to the circus
And what is the purpose?
What is the purpose and would you believe it?
Would you believe it?

If you knew what you were for
And how you became so informed?
Bodies of info performing such miracles
I am a miracle made up of particles.”

Guys, humans are absolutely magical beings. WE ARE A FREAKING MIRACLE!

Our psyches are so complex that we can conceive and construct the grandest illusions and jump into them as a tangible reality. To have an ego is to have an entire theater inside you.


This whole thing comes down to propaganda, and it comes down to US.

A world of lies was built because WE believed a big mess of lies. The whole trick has been in their propaganda, but for propaganda to work it has to be invisible. You see? It all comes back to us! It always does! Once we see the lies, once we know what we’re looking at, the jig is up! Once we realize WE, collectively, are creating this reality and always have been, and they’ve been cattle prodding us into creating what THEY wanted instead of what was best for US, the jig is up.

In short, it’s up to us (which is why they’re so scared!). Cause we decide.

Things they have known all along:

  • I AM energy rising up within us destroys the prison pyramid.
  • Us seeing the prison pyramid destroys the prison pyramid.
  • The truth about the prison pyramid destroys the prison pyramid.

It’s time we understand how we are built:

We have a soul, a mind, consciousness, and an ego.

These 4 things are as distinct and separate as our limbs, and make us into INCREDIBLY POWERFUL, reality generating beings.

Our only real problem is, we have a hard time telling which one is talking to us and discerning which one to listen to. This is where, in millennia past, they have gotten all up in our kitchen, you see? Cause we are not taught any of this (for a reason). Yet these principles are as basic to our humanity as the fact that we are a carbon-based life form!

So then, here it is, the recipe for our Prison Pyramid break:

  • Hone your discernment.
  • Cast aside all lies.
  • Build, aid, and assist whatever resinates as The Truth.
  • Put your energy behind anything AUTHENTIC.
  • Suport sovereignty.
  • Support truth.
  • Promote peace.
  • Be love.

If we are dynamic enough to manipulate into creating a reality they want, we are certainly miraculous enough to awaken and reclaim our power and our planet!

THE GREAT NEWS IS THIS: The Control Matrix (The Prison Pyramid) Is Dissolving

The universe is on our side. The momentum is on our side. It’s all already happening. We just have to put the weight of our collective consciousness fully behind it!

We have to be all like:

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 11.02.07 AM

Dear all seeing eye,

We see you.

Love, Humanity

Guys, this is the fun part. We get to do fun things, like calling out the Pope!

As humanity undergoes The Great Awakening we are currently experiencing, as more and more truth is revealed, we are watching the 1’s and 0’s of this matrix pixilate apart before our eyes. The more we keep listening to truth tellers & whistle blowers, the more we keep fighting for and spreading the truth the faster the prison pyramid collapses.

Watch my most recent interview, where Alexis Buck and I discuss many of these ideas and topics.



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  1. Your blog post “A Battle for the Planet” really hit home. I had just discovered QAnon….I even tried to forward your post to him but kept getting error messages! You totally “get it,” the QAnon concept…thank you for sharing your blog with us!!

  2. I love your voice and style of writing. Some of us have been ready and waiting for decades and then now to witness millions of others receive an information download almost overnight has been overwhelming to say the least. I say yes, humanity is ready!!

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