The Great Globalist Unmasking

This week a brand new theme made its presence known. We began to see ‘forced globalism’ rip off the mask it usually wears. Before now, “globalism” has been able to look and feel all cozy, noble, and admirable. It was talk of solving poverty and climate change by good-looking celebrities and smooth talking politicians.

Those days came to an abrupt end this week. Globalism has always had to hide because at its rotten core it is nefarious, deceptive and anti-humanity. But shit has gotten real…for the globalists. This week, more than ever before, it appears all bets are off.

It’s my belief that this is beginning to happen because so much is changing behind the scenes, because consciousness is rising, and because humanity is rapidly awakening. All of this is causing the destruction of our kings and idols, by forcing them to have to be bolder and bolder and increasingly more overt. We are witnessing their last-ditch effort to rule the world. This is what the elite want, to be a globally accepted small handful of kings openly reigning over all of humanity, this is what their puppets are tasked with convincing us to accept…

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 5.57.32 PM

And damn, it ain’t working.

Which is making the whole dog and pony show more obvious than ever! If you’re paying attention it’s causing the globalists to be unwontedly unmasked. This is the destruction of a false world and all its lies and institutions and the rise of sovereignty, the individual and humanity. This is the elite apocalypse!

Here’s a video update on where we’re at in this process as of October 19, 2018, with all info and articles I cover in the video linked below.


The swelling migrant caravan that is spontaneously heading unimpeded toward the US border, requiring to be addressed is a total and complete deep state creation. The ‘deep state’ is the ‘executive management team’ of the elite global cabal who have for a very long time exerted control over this planet. This is “forced globalism” in it’s most literal form.


After Taylor Swift Endorsement, Phil Bredesen suddenly fell -14 against Blackburn. This is further evidence that indicates the Era of Celebrity Influence is Over which I wrote an entire article about. Click the link to read.

Needless to say, this was not the desired effect. Celebrities are one of the most powerful weapons in the elite’s arsenal, one of the more effective ways they’ve been able to control us, now they’re firing blanks.


Aside from the fact that the Vatican and North Korea have NEVER in HISTORY had ANY kind of relationship whatsoever the timing is suspect here. If North Korea is for the first time in decades free from the cabal it certainly is a fishy time for the elite’s satanic high priest to randomly be paying a visit. Add to that the fact that there are virtually no Catholics in North Korea and well…

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 11.12.33 PM

If I were Kim Jung Un I’d be all, ‘ah yeah, thanks, but ah, no thanks dude…we’re good.”

But again, we see this theme is being reinforced: forced globalism, or globalists, losing grip on power and being more bold than ever before.

Again guys, this is a good sign.


ACTUAL WORDS SAID BY ELITE GLOBAL CABAL STOOGE BONO TODAY:  “The European Union and Africa must join forces to sideline Donald Trump’s United States and ‘take over the world,’” proclaimed millionaire rock star Bono as he made a bizarre political intervention in Brussels.

Bono – whose real name is Paul David Hewson – and who as an Irish citizen keeps his millions stashed in the Netherlands for tax benefits, has been called up by his cabal overlords in a desperate bid to take off the gloves and go get them…the world…I guess.

These people are so stupid, aren’t they?

He later told reporters: “While America is on its holiday from big ideas, we should sit across the table with our African partners, as equals, and take over the world…” cause he’s an idiot.


This is a horrible tragedy. Please hold these people in your heart tonight and in the coming days and send them love and light.

I am including it because the details caught my attention from a ‘matrix’ perspective.

The victims were standing on the railway tracks watching celebrations for Dusshera, a Hindu festival marking the triumph of good over evil.

They did not hear the train approach as they watched a firecracker-filled effigy of the demon king Ravana burn.

Ravana is a 10 headed demon, not unlike the 10 horned beast which the story of the apocalypse in the book of Revelations revolves around destroying. I have always seen this beast from Revelations as globalism personified…for whatever reson.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down here?

In short, things are going so well with the destruction of the control matrix and the eradication of our planet’s vile overlords that they and their minions are being forced out of the shadows, and made to reveal themselves.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 10.35.37 PM

J.K. Rowling’s actual new Twitter profile picture (go ahead, try to make this shit up, I dare you)!

Because what they’re actually peddling (untruth, darkness, Luciferianism) is not in sync with our awakening consciousness, it’s not going well. Which, of course, is great! And which, apparently, they are spectacularly clueless about.

So just stay the course, guys. Love and support one another. Take care of, love and support your friends, family, and neighbors, put any and all differences aside; that craziness was all a Soros social experiment anyway. You be the bigger person, let it go. Forget about politics, see the person. Support those of us making and creating things outside the control system (this is the best way to break the Matrix)! And last, know that because the mere presence of light destroys darkness, in the end we do win!

In Love & Truth,


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  1. Ahh…there he is, right at the top of the page. I used to IDOLIZE that guy. wtf happened to you, B? Looking back on old concert footage from the 90s, the subliminal messages flashing on the hundreds of screens that comprised your ZooTV stage setup…maybe you sold out long ago. “Everything you know is wrong”. Yup. You were showing us while laughing at our naive consent to our own destruction, while making tens of millions of tax-free dollars…while preaching about ending poverty. My god, what a two faced cretin. Keep galavanting around the world with the likes of the pope, queen of England, Tony Blair, the Bushes, Clinton’s, Obamas…masquerading as a man of Spirit and of God while helping to destroy humanity for your fame. disgusting. Show’s over, B.

  2. Tiffany, Your article gives me so much hope for the future generations. To see through the hypocrisy as you are is uplifting. Yes, the brighter consciousness can overcome all of this dark brainwashing that has gone on. Keep this thought train going even stronger. Mahalo.

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