It Feels Like We’re Building Towards a Climax, Because We Are

If I had to boil down our existence into a single sentence, that sentence would be; we are a story.

As souls, in these bodies, on this plane, in this dimension, at this time, what is it that’s happening? What is the story? Where are we going? What are we doing? What are we accomplishing? What are we learning? As a species, it’s through this narrative that we unfold.

At any moment in history if you stopped and turned around you’d say, ‘yup, we are the result of a clear running plotline. Because we did this thing or that, we have arrived at the point which we find ourselves.’

In essence, we are a story.

As a storyteller, I’ll let you in on a trade secret. We writers have an important saying; conflict is story. Without conflict, you have no story. If we are a story than conflict, is quite literally, oxygen.

Conflict is what spurs us to act. Conflict forces us to define who we are, what we want, where we want to go and where we don’t want to go. Conflict, in general terms, is tension between opposing forces battling one another in pursuit of different outcomes.

Right now, if you’re paying attention, you can clearly see and feel that we are in the midst of living through perhaps the greatest story of all time, if not simply by the sheer amount of conflict that has arisen. The best stories have to most conflict, and right now we find ourselves virtually surrounded by tension points. The laws of physics tell us that at some juncture, in this dance of tension over time, things have to snap. You can only build for so long until tension over time forces a release.

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Whenever we, as a collective, have logged another chapter in the hero’s journey and moved forward in a significant way, we’ve gone up and over the crest of a roller coaster. Every new frontier that has ever been pioneered, we had to climb up and bravely dive over the top and down the other side of yet another mountainous part of this ride, right smack into the midst of a new place completely unknown to us. Yes, that is some scary shit. But that’s what doing what’s never been done before always feels like—and let’s be honest, doing what’s never been done before is kind of our thing. When people first began to cross the oceans, this is what it felt like. At the inception of the industrial revolution, or when we began to venture into space, this is what it felt like. And lo and behold, we have arrived at another one of these historic, pioneering times.

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We have decided to rewrite our future once more by exposing and exacting justice on the ruling class of this planet. We have decided to commence the elite apocalypse; a bold new thing which, staying true to our character, has never been done before. We arrived at this moment because so much tension had been building up over centuries, but particularly over the last few decades. The conflicts of sovereignty versus enslavement, of rule by kings verses self-government, of advancements and technologies that exploit us and imprison our bodies and minds versus liberate and empower, of having a vile carnivorous elite class who want to feed off us in every conceivable way.

So much tension, so much conflict, such an incredible story.

That’s why we all have this undeniable feeling of impending climax, which I believe we are approaching now. By sheer force of building tension, the dam is starting to break; just yesterday the Prime Minister of Australia issued a stunning apology to the countless thousands of victims of systemic ritual sexual abuse.

Once we found out what was happening to the children we could no longer refuse the call to adventure. There’s always got to be something to spur the hero forward despite incredible odds, to force us to leave our ordinary world behind and go confront the giant despite the grave risks and our fears of the unknown. For us the Rubicon we crossed was the revelation that systemic, satanic, ritualistic child sex abuse has long been the dark currency of our world—and we didn’t know it.

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Because this is the one thing we simply would never accept, we find ourselves barreling towards the top of this monster roller coaster, with all the accompanying emotions you’d expect; worry, fear, anxiety, impending doom, exhilaration, dread, questioning everything about your life that brought you to this utterly insane moment. When you’re sitting where we are now, strapped in, no escape, no turning back, hearing those last few clicks, still unable to see over the top, no idea where this track will lead, all of those feelings are to be expected. In short, the absolutely insane way that you feel right now is totally normal, for extraordinary times.

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This time around, something brand new has been added to this ancient amusement park ride. As we go up and over, we get to feel all the normal overwhelming pioneering stuff we always felt, while at the same time we’re being bathed and saturated in a dizzying haze of the mockingbird media, Soros social experiments, and mass cognitive dissonance running ramped through the population. We get to see what it’s like to be building to a historical showdown all while immersed in distractions and disinformation on a mass scale, while surrounded by hysterical mind control slaves running wild through the streets.

Seriously guys, this is some next level shit. This makes staying focused, calm, and centered that much harder. Hint, don’t pay attention to garbage about robot pets replacing real dogs and cats or Tesla rocket hyperloop bla bla this or that, the darkness is pushing out copious amounts of crap so you have less time to pay attention to this…

Information. Is. EVERYTHING.


Not only are confusion and deception the only tools the enemy has left, but it just so happens that the truth, and our dogged pursuit of it, and as a result our ever rising consciousness, is what’s causing all the tension in the first place.

Disinformation is their sword, the truth is ours, their lies are the conflict points, and the battlefield upon which we fight is our very minds.

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That’s right, the new frontier we are pioneering is the discovery of the illuminating power of the truth and the power of our own consciousness to create the world we want.

I know. So trippy, right? Just wait till you start finding out that the truth and love are living alchemy and that through our pursuit of the truth via our love for the children we are learning how to harness the manifesting power of the universe. Now that’s a lot to take in! But, I digress.

The bottom line is this. No, you’re not going crazy. Yes, we are building towards an unavoidable climax. All the feelings you’re having are normal. Calm, clarity, and perspective are superpowers we need to hone right now. This is an information war. Your bravery is required. Through the disclosures of what’s been going on on this planet, and through the alchemical changes acquiring that knowledge on a mass scale will cause in us as a collective, our world will be transmuted. We are going where we’ve never gone before…again. This time, for the first time, our world is moving from being ruled by darkness to being ruled by the light. #DarkToLight

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In Love and Truth,


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  1. Absolutely one of the most resonant pieces I have ever read. You captured literally EVERYTHING I am feeling, sensing, seeing. It’s as if you took my life and splashed it in black and white on a page. Thank you Tiffany – for reaching inside all of us patriots and helping us to know ourselves, and this time. Godspeed. WWG1WGA

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