Desperate to Normalize Pentagon Hollywood Propaganda; The Lie That’s Wearing Off

Ever wonder why there are no movies about military suicide despite that 22 veterans take their own lives everyday? Ever wonder why you’ve never seen a movie that examines the Iraq war in a critical way? Ever wonder why drone striking was featured in a popular American TV show and then executed for the first time in real life just a couple of weeks later? Why the American public shrugged it off as normal?  If you’re like most Americans you have not thought much about any of these things. You’ve been meticulously conditioned not to.

In keeping with this theme of assuming American ignorance, when Gerard Butler gave a press briefing at the Pentagon last week to promote his new movie Hunter Killer the assholes brainwashing Americans through cinema banked on the fact the you didn’t quite understand what you were looking at.

They hoped you thought you were looking at: Something cool. A sexy, likable, influential Hollywood celebrity, with a great Scottish accent, thanking military service members for teaching him about submarines and helping him make his glossy new action movie.

What you were really looking at: A blatantly coordinated and frankly desperate attempt to normalize Pentagon Hollywood propaganda. An unpresidented and bold new strategy to make what has long been a covert and elaborate alliance between Hollywood and the US government to manufacture propaganda, cool and sexy. Because nothing says sexy quite like brainwashing people! You were really looking at an insult to your intelligence.

For the first time since Hollywood and the US government began covertly colluding to propagandize Americans on a mass scale nearly a century ago, as a society we have just begun to not only become aware of the fact that for example the Pentagon has line by line control over every script in the Marvel universe, but the enormous and far-reaching effects this dark alliance has had.

Information, based on thousands of FOIA documents which detail the relationship between Hollywood and the government, has finally begun to reach the masses. Americans have begun to take a look at our content, who is creating it, and to what end, in a way they’ve never done before.

I have no doubt that this is the cause of this bold new strategy. How will they continue to condition us to accept endless wars of conquest for elite bankers if they can’t covertly manufacture our consent? If we start to awaken from the mind control coma the best thing for them to do is say ‘yeah, we’ve been doing this, isn’t it so cool?’

No. It isn’t cool at all.

In the long list of horrific and dark consequences this alliance has, it’s important to understand that what the US government is doing in their relationship with Hollywood is a violation of the first amendment. The Supreme Court has ruled over and over that the government can NOT give resources and support in favor of speech it likes and not give resources and support to speech it does not likes. The Pentagon is and has been doing just that.

Whether it’s the death of celebrity influence or the growing exposure of a state within a state operating throughout our government, it seems everywhere we look these days, lies are wearing off. This is great news for humanity, and bad news for those who’ve controlled the levers of power in the world for too long. We must be alert to the tactics being used to lull us back to sleep and more vigilent than ever in these times.

To learn more about the alliance between Hollywood and the US government click here and here, and visit to see further information, research, articles as well as the trove of over 4000 FOIA documents which have recently been released detailing the staggering extent of the government’s alliance with Hollywood.

I discuss Gerard Butler’s Pentagon appearance in further detail in the video below:

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