The Spiritual War For Planet Earth

Make no mistake, a spiritual war is raging right now. And it is a war for control of planet Earth.

It is dark vs light.

It is Lucifer and his demons vs Jesus and his angels. Literally.

Think I’m kidding?

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This is happening. It is real, whether you want it to be or not. You chose and were chosen to be here for THE ACTUAL BATTLE OF GOOD AND EVIL, whether you believe it yet or not. And, heads up, the battle has well begun. A mass awakening of humanity or The Great Awakening is now underway.

It can seem as if we are awakening to many different things but in fact we are awakening to one thing that has taken many shapes and forms. We are awakening to the fact and reality that Luciferianism has ruled our planet. Yes, sorry dude, it is 100% absolutely and totally true: our world has been run by Luciferians.

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That’s last month’s promo for a show on Fox 👆

The evidence is everywhere people. We have been living on a planet ruled by Luciferians. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I really do, but well, there it is.

If you are awake to this fact, good, it’s your sacred duty to spread the news and wake up the others. If you think this is total insanity, you just aren’t awake yet. But trust me, you will be. The truth is etched in your DNA, and it will be activated.

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Our planet has already moved from dark to light. That part is DONE. Finito! There is no going back. All that was once hidden will now be revealed. There is nowhere to hide, and demons hate the light. To know who the demons are pay attention to who is shrieking right now. Notice who is melting down.

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The faster we all wake up the quicker and more peacefully we transition.

Transition to what?

I’m so glad you asked! Transition from control to liberation, from a demon-ruled, dystopian, prison-planet, to a New Earth; and if you want to come, you have to wake up. The truth that our planet has been ruled by Luciferians is the fact you need to wake up to. To do that you have to understand the darkness.

Alright Tiffany, say I think that maybe you’re right. What the blood hell is Luciferianism?

Understand The Darkness

Lucifer is the false light. Lucifer, in a phrase, is service to self. Luciferianism is how we got Monsonto, Nestle, war, the CIA, Facebook, the corporate media, and Katy Perry.

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Incidentally, Katy Perry’s own mother Mary Hudson just wrote a self-help book for parents who believe their children have ‘demonic influences.’ You know…for whatever reason 🙄

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 10.57.18 AM

Luciferianism is the exploitation of the truth of the manifesting power of humanity, minus morality, which of course means minus love.

Luciferianism exploits the occult (hidden) knowledge that WE, as humans, are our own personal reality generators, and that WE, as a collective, are creating this entire reality, but by removing God/morality/love from the equation, they just go ahead and create whatever THEY want, in a vacuum, no matter what happens to anyone else. Guided by nothing other than themselves; they are gods in their own godless universe.

Jesus came to teach us the truth about what we are and what we can do and to teach us the most important thing of all LOVE. That above all we are love. From love we came and from love we will return. Jesus came to give us the AWAKENING or enLIGHTenment so that we would know that if we used the power of what we are, but used it with LOVE, we could create a whole new earth. A human paradise of peace prosperity and abundance, for all people, not just for the elites. For that the Romans killed him. And now, The Great Awakening is causing the downfall of Rome and the destruction of the elites—cause life is awesome and beautiful like that.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 12.41.09 PM

Battle of The Two Suns

Notice the sun in Lady Gaga’s picture. Notice she has it positioned between herSELF and her Satan sign. There are no coincidences people. Lucifer is the false ‘sun.’ The false light of the false world. But it has given people like Beyonce and Lady Gaga their worlds, which are now crumbling before their eyes.

And if you think this news from yesterday was a coincidence…

Parker Solar Probe sets records during first encounter with the sun

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 1.22.10 PM

…we’ve got a little homework to do. Buckle up.

Welcome to The Battle of The Suns

The 16th-century prophet Nostradamus predicted that the last pope would flee Rome in December when “two suns” seem to appear in the sky, read all about that here.

It’s my opinion that these two ‘suns’ are metaphorical.

One ‘sun’ (or light of the world) represents Jesus/Source/I AM/Christ consciousness. Or the light WITH LOVE, IN SERVICE OF OTHERS.

The second “sun” represents Lucifer/Satan, which the ruling elite, including the Roman Catholic Church have secretly revered. Or the light WITHOUT LOVE, IN SERVICE TO SELF.

The ‘two suns appearing in the sky over the Vatican’ means that the cat will be out of the bag. The world will know the truth. The revelations will continue and increase such that by December it will be fully revealed for all the world that ‘two suns’ are sitting over the Vatican—a false church which says they follow Jesus but really follow Lucifer—and the Pope will be forced to flee.

The Fall of Rome

This is false vs. real. This is darkness vs. light. This is our own desire to sleep vs the call to awaken. This is why I chart and track the fall of false idols and all things that have deceived. I am actually charting the downfall of Satan and the fall of Rome in real-time…on Twitter. That’s how much fun The Great Awakening is.

In Love and Truth,

Tiffany ♥️

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2 thoughts on “The Spiritual War For Planet Earth

  1. I was once a HUGE celebrity watcher….just FASCINATED by them. I think now. looking back and knowing me like I know me, I was wondering what was up with these people that had so much and did so little for their fellow man. Or so it seemed. I get it now. The fact that I did watch them so closely not only means more now than ever but I also kept up with the Kennedy’s, the Royal Family and last but not least Donald Trump. I am having the time of my life. I’ve always known that I was here for something special because I did NOT like planet earth in it’s state. I suffered. I would’ve gladly traded places at any time past age 17 with any dying person. I wanted OUT. But I was put here to see this. Wow.

    Not one single friend of family member or co worker knows anything about any of this. They have no idea what is really happening. I first read the Podesta emails two years ago and have been obsessed ever since. The sleeping people astound me.

    Thank you Tiffany for sharing your gift of the written word. I crave your articles. Reading your books is at the top of my todo list also.

    Dark to Light.

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