Globalist Macron Is The Roman Empire


Elite globalist shadow government tool Emmanuel Macron just said and I quote, “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism,” and oh baby do I want to break this down for you, and for the world frankly, so that these deceivers can be washed off this planet once and for all.

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Quick history lesson: the Roman empire never fell. The seat of power that was ‘the Roman empire’ came from Babylon and the Phoenicians, and exists to this day in the form of (to keep it ridiculously brief) ‘the banking cartel.’

Got it?

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Who are the banking cartel and what do they want?

They are the ‘elite’ bloodline families and their ilk and they want to rule the world through a one world economic order. Right now they are focused on the abolition of nations and sovereignty. Because we’ve entered the Age of Authenticity, ie the revelation, are they are being forced to come out of the shadows.

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In essence, we are being given a choice in a way we never have before.

To accomplish their goal they are doing what they always do. They are deceiving, because their goal is built on a lie. So they’ve sent one of their cabal puppet to hoodwink the masses in the form of Macron, the wildly unpopular French President. to tell the world that nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.

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Macron saying this, as the French President, is beyond nonsensical. And him saying it in the presence of Putin and Trump is no coincidence. Optics are everything. The elite banksters are sending a message.

Russia kicked the banking cartel out of their country some years ago, making them public enemy number one. Trump just declared himself a ‘nationalist.’

Now we have the image of Trump and Putin, sitting behind Macron, as Macron says “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.”

Marcon’s ridiculous statement is a perfect example of how the Phoenicians use words against an unknowing population. Let’s break these words down, shall we?

Patriotism – Love and devotion to a homeland.

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Lats time I checked we are all still ‘local beings’ meaning we have to actually live somewhere. We are not inter-dimensional beings just yet. Thus, we can not help but have a homeland. Being a patriot means to be a person who loves, protects, cares for, cherishes, and honors their home. Nothing could be more natural and more true.

Nationalism – a ‘nation’ is laws, land, and people. In a nation and more specifically in a nation that functions as a republic, the citizens empower the government to protect their natural rights and may abolish that government if it fails to do that and reinstitute a new one.

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Globalism – harkens to the monarch system whereby a small handful of ‘chosen’ rulers, through either money, bloodline or both, in a closed circuit system, decide and determine the fate of as many people as possible.

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Their power depends upon one thing and one thing alone. Our ignorance. Through our ignorance about these topics we are manipulated, our best instincts are weaponized against us. But now we have entered the Age of Authenticity. These globalists are being forced to tear off their masks. The trick for us is to know what we are looking at.

Be safe, be smart and above all be love!

In Love and Truth,

Tiffany ♥️

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