Revolt Against The Ruling Class

Humans of Earth are rising up.

What are we rising up against?

Is it racism? No.

Is it sexism? No.

Is it trans rights? No.

Is it climate change? No.

Well, is it gas prices then? No, not exactly.

Wait a minute, we’re told, with ever-increasing repetition and fervor, that these are the things we care the most about.

If all these people are taking to the streets and it’s not about any of that, what the heck is happening?

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The People of Earth, the citizens of every nation, are awakening to their own power. To our sovereignty over our governments. To the real reason we have governments in the first place, to serve OUR interests

The ruling elite’s worst case scenario has come true, and it’s the funniest plot twist of all—that we actually know what we care most about, and it’s not men who want to dress in women’s clothes. We don’t give a crap about that, never have. The cat’s out of the bag, dickheads. We all just want to be in charge of our own lives, to thrive and be happy.

We know that all these things we’re being told are important to us, which aren’t, are just a bunch of elaborate lies constructed to divide and control us. Yup, we cracked the code assholes—you people really are such idiots.

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This basic concept of governments that serve the interests of the people is such a threat to the ruling elite that they’ve worked overtime the last few years, as this quiet riot was building, to demonize it. The ‘conversation’ went something like this:

You’re racist!

No, we just want borders.

You’re white nationalists! You’re Nazi’s!

No, we simply see that a handful of greedy sociopaths are intentionally creating chaos all over our world in order to profit-off and control as many people as possible, and we don’t like it.


(eye roll)

There is no reasoning with rabid monsters whose only motivations are power and greed. There is no dialogue to be had with their mind control machine. The ungodly abomination of elite globalism and it’s dark cabal must only be put out of it’s misery.

We are witnessing this happen right now. The cult of death is being swept away.

If you’ve been called a Nazi or Russian bot in the last year, take heart, know that you’re on the right side of this thing. You are a threat to the machine, and you have been tearing down the matrix brick by brick. History will remember you well.

If you’ve been the one calling people Nazi’s, if you’ve been clinging rabidly to Russia hysteria, your mind has not yet been freed from the grip of elite indoctrination. Wake up now, or be buried with the darkness, the choice is yours.

The MSM, for it’s part, is doing its level best to ignore the revolt against the ruling class. Why? Because the MSM is the ruling class. Their only job is to protect the powerful and brainwash the masses into remaining unknowing corporate slaves.

It almost worked too, but for a great awakening that has swept over the world!

The MSM has become obsolete. Citizen and independent journalists are the media now.

Because they are telling the truth. They are not trying to brainwash or control us on behalf of international banks and shadowy corporations.

And the truth is, the citizens of France are revolting against Macron and all he stands for.

They are rioting against the failed and fundamentally fraudulent concept of ‘globalization.’

To that I say, Viva la France!

Every American patriot, and despite what CNN says there are a couple hundred million of us, stands with you.

In Love and Truth,

Tiffany ♥️

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