Charlize Theron Says 7 Year Old Son is Now A Girl

Describing her emotions about viewing Black Panther, Charlize Theron expresses her excitement for her two young ‘beautiful African American daughters‘ to see the film. There’s just one problem, one of her 2 adopted children is a boy, her 7 year old son Jackson. WATCH.



Charlize’s 7 year old son joins the growing list of allegedly gender confused celebrity children.

Here’s Jackson a bit younger, with Theron’s then boyfriend Sean Penn.


Interesting to note Sean Penn is right now rushing off to Turkey to film a documentary about slain Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. If you’ll recall there’s been some push back about the C.I.A.’s “official narrative” of this event… enter Hollywood!!

Also interesting to note, recent FOIA documents reveal the C.I.A. has been involved in the making of many Angelia Jolie films, like Salt and The Good Shepherd to name just 2.

The C.I.A., MK Ultra, thought control, mind control, Hollywood, yes guys, it is all connected. The myriad of nefarious ways in which these forces are working together to infiltrate the American mind is staggering, it is crimes against humanity, and the subject of an upcoming documentary I am currently filming. Be sure to subscribe to my website, YouTube, and follow me on Twitter to know the moment it is released this spring.

I will be doing a deep dive into all of this including the specific agendas, what role the deep state plays, how the agendas are pushed through our content and celebrities, why, and exposing the truth about what celebrities really are on my Patreon later today.

Hope you’ll join me there!

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5 thoughts on “Charlize Theron Says 7 Year Old Son is Now A Girl

  1. Wow maybe if you wouldn’t have been dressing your son as a girl he wouldn’t be so confused with his gender smh same with Angelina Jolie daughter her dressing as a boy .let these children live and decide what they want to be when they are older.

  2. A child is not a accessory, it’s not a in thing to have a transgender child. It’s not a collecting thing to have one black one Asian a transgender.stop using your children as accessories they are children not collectables .It’s just sickening to watch does poor children grow up and become drug addicts, because they weren’t really loved by theire so called parents

  3. Charlize Theron’s devotion to the Luciferian Agenda embraced by 98% of the Satanic Cult that is the Entertainment Industry, is easy to validate. There are documents all over the internet displaying her 100% allegiance. From her perfume ads to her movies, she is a complete sell-out to the NWO. The most sane thing that could occur for the child she has sold to Lucifer, would be to remove him from Theron’s custody forever, and raise him in a normal home. Fat chance of that however, with the money and control that are operating in this scenario. Little boy Lost. Heartbreaking.

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