The Deep State & Shadow Government Explained

America, like every other nation and people, has limitless potential. But, in order to rise to it, we must take off the blinders of a few things, like partisan politics and biased ‘journalism.’ We have to stop feeding the machine.

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At the top of the list of things every single American must wake up to is that the deep state and shadow government are very real, and thrive on our ignorance of their existence. Our unknowing about how the whole beast works is the only thing preventing its collapse.

The deep state has been revealing itself in incredible fashion lately, but do Americans know what they’re looking at?

The unelected power structure is banking on the fact that they do not.

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They work hard to manipulate us in every and any way possible, always to their ends.

Recent news about efforts by the FBI to thwart the election of a president, to infiltrate and subvert the democratic process should be incredibly eye-opening for Americans. This is perhaps the most real-time example of this dark monster we’ve ever gotten.

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To help you understand how it all works I made a quick video, under 18 minutes, where I break down and explain this vital information, a video on my Patreon, which I decided to make public.

Understand, we deserve so much more than what our experience has become on this planet. In order to thrive, as we should be, we must be informed, and right now this is the most imperative thing we need to know.

In Love and Truth,

Tiffany ♥️

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