The Prison Pyramid Has Been Revealed, Did You Notice?

I’m going to start this blog with my favorite four words.

If you’re paying attention, right now you can see, like never before, exactly how Hollywood operates. You can see the prison pyramid in all its vile splendor. The monstrous beast which holds captive the collective mind of humanity, and in particular the west. It’s being fully revealed for all to see as we speak.

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In just observing these three stories and realizing none of this is about ‘one sick individual’ as the complicit media complex would have you believe, but a system, the deep dark truth is revealed.

The Atlantic article on Bryan Singer that came out last week is a must read. It is a detailed account of Singer’s abuses, a long but very enlightening read. I’ll be breaking it down in an upcoming video on my Patreon, subscribe here.

Today we are learning that R. Kelly is being investigated by the FBI for ‘booking underage victim’s flights,’Screen-Shot-2019-01-28-at-11.35.41-AM.png

Or, you know, in other words…OPERATING A CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING RING!

This is more proof, coming out drip by drip, that people like Liz Crokin were right all along. That the powerful and influential traffic in child sex.

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Why, is the inevitable question.

Like we are learning about with Washington, Hollywood runs on a disturbing dark system of compromise and control that very much involves child sex abuse, the worst thing a human can do. It is a grim and horrifying reality no moral human wants to accept. But, in order to destroy it, we must arrive at this gut wrenching truth.

Child sex abuse has been happening all over this planet for a long time.

So, how do Kelly, Weinstein and Singer paint a picture of the prison pyramid?

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Think about it. Hollywood is a closed power system. If you want to ‘make it in entertainment’ you must follow the yellow brick road to LA. Here, a small handful of powerful producers and executives decide who gets to work in the entertainment business and who doesn’t. Full stop. The end.

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This system is obsolete for a thousand reasons and people like me are overseeing its destruction via exposure and decentralization, but the masses understanding this corrupt, cruel and obsolete closed system is critical to its obliteration.

In just these 3 stories, here is what we are looking at:

Weinstein represents ‘the gatekeepers’ (power brokers)

Singer represents ‘the soul sellers’ (talent)

Kelly represents ‘the supplier’ (purveyor of perversions)

So, why has this been created?

Think about it. Filmmakers, celebrities and entertainers become ‘idols’ within western society. They have tremendous influence over the population. At the end of the day, this is all about controlling the masses. He who controls the minds of the American people controls the world.

The gatekeepers are in charge of handing out that influence, for a price. Selling your soul isn’t just an expression, at the top of the game, where the most influence is involved, it is required. If you haven’t seen the periscope video where I explain my Hollywood experience as the writer/creator of several ‘hot’ TV series projects, it’s worth the time to watch and provides a ton of context for all of this.

In order to garner influence ‘above the line’ in Hollywood (which means stars, directors, writers & producers) you have to be willing to be owned. Period. Deviants and degenerates (who happen to be talented) work best, which is part of the reason Hollywood looks the way it does. Like a den of iniquity. It’s also one of the reasons why the youngest stars so consistently suffer breakdowns, addiction and death.

Those who’ve sold their soul for fame, fortune and a star on Hollywood boulevard, or whose parents sold it on their behalf, use their talents to push agendas through the stories they tell and use their influence to influence you.

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 12.14.21 PMThey do it without question, and in lock step like a drone army, because, well, they’re puppets. They’re being controlled in order to control you. But for all this to work, it has to be invisible. Once the masses are aware of how it works, it’s GAME OVER.

That’s why it’s so important to realize that through these three, Kelly ‘the supplier,’ Singer ‘the soul seller,’ and Weinstein ‘the gatekeeper,’ we can clearly see what is a small-scale representation of how the whole dark system works. Understand, they are not just  ‘a few sick individuals,’ they are not ‘the exception.’

They are the rule.

This is how it works.

I hope you can see it. I pray it becomes painfully obvious to as many people as possible.

Seeing the prison pyramid is the one and only thing that destroys the prison pyramid.

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In Love and Truth,

Tiffany ♥️

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