Hollywood Celebrities Are Wonderful Mothers

Kate Hudson is to be commended. The bravery. The courage.

Why, you ask?

Drum roll please… Because she is raising her daughter genderless!!!!!!!!!!!


Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 12.14.21 PM

Aside from, I mean, she did just admit on live TV that her ‘daughter’ is in fact a girl, but she’s going to stop saying it now, like right after this show, er after a couple more interviews. She was just telling us that the baby is a girl, but she isn’t going to tell the child. See the difference? See how that’s so great? How it’s totally what’s best for the child? (provided of course she never get’s her hands on this tape of her mom admitting she’s a girl, but I’m sure Kate can easily hide it. I’m sure the internet isn’t going to be a thing much longer).

Enough about the kid, back to Kate. The sheer will power it will take to look down at her darling baby girl, to see and know that her child is in fact a female, but to zip her lip about it. To keep that a secret from her all her young life. For her sake.  Frankly, I can’t think of anything more beautiful, more motherly, than lying to your daughter’s face about the biological reality of every cell in her body from the day she’s born. Why, it’s as admirable as… as eating nothing but vegan poke bowls for an entire weekend! As socially conscious as refusing to get into an Uber that isn’t a Prius, like, once or maybe even twice!

My only hope is that upon the baby’s birth, Kate is brave enough to smack the doctor right across the face if he dares utter the hateful bigoted phrase, “it’s a girl,” when the baby’s gender is revealed instantaneously with little more than a quick glance by anyone over 4 years old. How horrifying it would be if the first thing the child hears is a micro-aggression. There is nothing quite so troubling as struggling with your sexual identity from infancy.

Brave trailblazer Kate Hudson surely knows the difficult road that lies ahead. I imagine it will be like lying to your kids about Santa Clause, but, way WAY harder. Because she’ll have to lie to her every single day of the year! Not to mention, I remember being pretty cheesed off when I found out that Santa wasn’t real. When I discovered that my parents hadn’t been truthful with me there was a distinct sting, a broken trust it took me some time to recover from. This lapse in parental honesty that consistently ended with a pile of presents will be nothing compared with what Hudson faces in fully deluding her child about her own immutable biological reality well into adolescence in a world which she only entered by virtue of the existence of male and female. That takes real love.

One thing is for sure, celebrities are so smart. They are also really good parents. That’s why their children tend to turn out as amazing as their marriages. And why it’s such a fabulous idea to model your life after theirs. And if you want to be good parents, be like Kate Hudson, and her baby’s father, her current boyfriend, ah, a different guy from each of the fathers of her other two children. Yes, be like Kate. 👍

In Love and Truth,

Tiffany ♥️

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