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Dan Schneider is Deleting Thousands of Creepy Old Tweets

I can’t shake the feeling that powerful people are bracing for something big. Particularly since the Epstein scandal blew open. Call me crazy but the influential, for once, seem genuinely scared. Since October began, this only appears to have increased.

Case in point, some smart internet sleuths have made an intriguing discovery that over the last couple days Nickelodeon mega producer Dan Schneider has deleted thousands of old tweets.

According to researcher @Mooncult – who was the first one to make the discovery – we are currently sitting at 13,547 deleted old tweets, which amounts to more than half Schneider’s entire tweet history.

I asked Mooncult how she noticed this was happening, she told me, “I noticed that the 3 or 4 posts I retweeted or quote tweeted a joke about were getting deleted I started looking further. A lot of the search tabs I had open showed tweets that were no longer inter-actable and I realized that he was doing a calculated purge.”

To make things even more interesting, as John Doe points out, the deleted tweets have a particular theme:

“Confirmed: all @DanWarp tweets mentioning “child,” “foot,” and “toes” have been deleted.” (more on Schneider’s foot fetish in a bit)

John Doe has been doing excellent work keeping the world up to date on the ongoing Epstein legal happenings as well as doing his level best to encourage child stars to come forward and tell their stories.

For those unfamiliar with Dan Schneider, he is perhaps the most prolific writer, creator, producer of Nickelodeon ‘kids shows.’

Despite years of persistent rumors that he is a child predator and pedophile, accusations that have not been officially substantiated, Nickelodeon, just like Disney, continued to work with him. That is up until this past March when they quietly parted ways with the much speculated about show creator.

Nickelodeon Epstein Connection

Speaking of that overwhelming sense that there is panic in the air among the powerful and influential, let’s talk about Nickelodeon in general for just a second. Geraldine Laybourne is the co-founder of Nickelodeon and is the person who first hired Dan Schneider to write and produce kids’ TV.

Those of you who are paying close attention will recall that her and her husband’s names were revealed to be in Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet log.

For a children’s network to be riddled with accusations of child sex abuse is bad enough. The only thing worst is for the founders of that children’s network to be associated with convicted child molester, international child trafficker and level 3 sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

None of this looks good.

As a young TV star himself, Schneider got his start in the business early. In the 1980s, he appeared in several films including Making the Grade, Better Off Dead, The Big Picture, Happy Together and Hot Resort (1985).

In 1986, Schneider played Dennis Blunden on the ABC television sitcom Head of the Class. The series ran for five seasons from 1986 to 1991.

Years later Schneider would go on to become the writer and creator of kid-centered hits such as Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, Victorious, iCarley, The Amanda Show, and Kenan & Kel.

Many have been speculating for years, based on claims from former child stars and the erratic, destructive behavior so many of them become consumed by, that their is a system of child sex abuse that goes on in Hollywood. Many recall the very public ‘meltdown’ of Amanda Bynes, star of one of Schneider’s biggest hits, The Amanda Show.

The last few years of Amanda’s journey have been long and public. She showed clear signs of a fractured mind (one of the many results of child sex abuse), at one point alleging sex abuse by her father:

Later walking back the claims by saying that the ‘chip in her head made her say it, but that it was her father who ordered the chip put in.’ Also saying:

“I will not be manipulated or brainwashed by anyone anymore.”

— amanda bynes (@amandabynes) October 10, 2014

Over the last day and a half a great account I follow and recommend, John Doe, has been sharing some of Schneider’s deleted tweets on his timeline.

See also the creepy and well-documented Schneider foot fetish people have been pointing out for years.

According to Royce Lopez & Mike Schiele who run a counter-MSM website and podcast called Revenge of the Cis and who’ve been digging into Schneider in a focused was for nearly a year – “It was alleged by an anonymous source that Dan Schneider was known for hosting pool parties at his home. The guest lists for these parties frequently featured his young stars, who would attend without their parents according to the source. In addition, a former actress alleged having quit the business after a creepy, barefoot audition for a Schneider helmed television show that was being developed for the cable giant. Stories and rumors about regarding Dan Schneider and his lack of boundaries with his young stars, particularly Amanda Bynes and Jamie Lynn Spears. His foot fetish was also well-documented, with tons of feet references in his show and sexualizing of teens. He was also caught at one point using the official “Sam & Cat” Twitter account to solicit foot pictures from child fans.”

In a big development many have been waiting a long time for, earlier this year Alexis Nikolas, who played Nicole on Zoey 101, began speaking out on social media against Schneider.

Posting a video on her Instagram story:

Alexis has stated she’s taken part in a documentary (not yet released) in which she addresses the accusations against Dan Schneider.

She also posted a meme, originally created by Revenge of the Cis, which pictures accused and convicted pedophiles who’ve had extensive careers in Hollywood working with children.

Recently, we’ve seen a number of child stars begin to not only speak out about the atrocities committed against them by the entertainment industry people who surrounded them, but begin to sue for damages – a bold and welcome development. Two former child stars, Jordan Pruitt and Ricky Garcia, have both filed lawsuits alleging years of coordinated, systemic child sex abuse at the hands of the very people who were placed around them by studios, labels and networks.

Another related development came this week when the mother of recently deceased rapper Lil Peep launched a lawsuit against the touring and management company who presided over her son’s entertainment career, whom she alleges, ‘kept him plied with drugs (sedatives and stimulants) in order to keep him performing on an over packed schedule.’

He posted this video just before his death:

As long as there’s been a Hollywood (a single centralized control system over our cultural influencers, stories and content) these stories have been circulating, but now we are living in the era of social media and instant unfiltered communication and the truth is seeping out like never before.

When you begin to dig down into the proven studied methods for controlling a person which include drugs, isolation and child sex abuse, a clear and tragic picture begins to take shape. It’s time to take off the blinders and see that those who are elevated are controlled, in order to control us. It’s not very complicated, but it is incredibly tragic. And it’s time for it to end. From the handlers, managers, executives and agents, to the studio heads, CEOs, financiers, and profiteers, it’s time for all perpetrators of systemic child abuse in the entertainment industry to be held accountable. The victims must come forward, and the criminals must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Why Schneider is purging his Twitter account now is anyone’s guess.

We’ll have to wait and see. But thanks to wide awake and alert people, doing this kind of sleuthing, who care about what’s been happening to children in the entertainment industry since perhaps the beginning, the world is now aware, and our knowledge makes it safer and easier for all these victims to begin speaking out.

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