Clinton Foundation Now Under FBI Investigation



If you were as surprised as I was to hear on Friday that the FBI is re-opening it’s Clinton email case investigation then get ready to have a heart attack. I’ve found out something that no one is telling you. Okay, so the pieces were just not adding up, right—Comey has to be a fairly smart guy, it was 10 days from the election, he wouldn’t want to do this unless he had to, so why, he knew what the fallout would be, Clinton calling for transparence—none of it was making sense. It’s like something was missing. So, naturally, I started digging.

And I regret to inform you that you are being manipulated, right now, and you have been lied to, big time, by your government and by your press.

The Clinton Foundation is already currently under FBI investigation (yeah I’m as surprised as you are) Hillary’s classified email mishandling is another whole separate case, as is the Anthony Weiner case. It’s the case on Hillary’s emails that has just been re-opened. The other two cases are ongoing and have been for some time.

Wow. This is quite a truth bomb. I don’t get involved in Democrat vs Republican but I’ve kind of got a thing for the truth—and I don’t think it should be something I have to dig for. I’m a busy person as I’m sure you are.We shouldn’t have to be investigative journalists to be informed voters!

So listen, no matter who you plan to cast your ballot for, if you plan to vote, but it should blow your mind that you have not been made aware that The Clinton Foundation is currently under FBI investigation for their alleged illegal pay for play activities and possible money laundering. It should rock you to your core.


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