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Fan Questions

I get so many insanely thought provoking questions that I wanted a place to share them with you where I could share my answers publicly.

Here’s a typical one I received just the other day which will sort of set the stage for the kinds of ivy league grad school questions I get!!

Followed by an intriguing one that’s been sitting sadly unanswered on my Amazon Author page.

Q: Hello Ms. FitzHenry,

I suggested this book for my book club and we all read it.  We LOVED it!!  But were wondering…

How do you reconcile muscle memory which is connected to the actual cells and neuro-transmissions with the regeneration of the soul which is only connected to an indicator on the genome?  How can she remember how to fight like a Ninja when her soul goes into a new physical body?  She might have the memories, but her neurons wouldn’t react instinctively because the neuro-connections aren’t tied to her soul’s memory.

Also, which specific world view is the foundation for this story?  As a society we muddle the lines between the three major deity, scientific and humanist world views and it seems like this story borrows from each of them instead of being foundational in any of them which just makes it somewhat confusing to sort out.

Thank you for your story!

A: Wow! What a question! Ok so the way I reconcile  muscle memory, neurotransmission and neuro-connection in the world of the story is… I don’t! I discount it all completely, quite intentionally, to acknowledge how limitless we are.
Like Alice in Wonderland said, “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast!!” Who says what’s possible? Maybe, just maybe, we aren’t bound by the things we think we’re bound by.  
As a species I don’t think we have a clue yet that so much of what we devise and invent and “discover” in our perceived physical experience, things like science and time, are merely limiting forces, constraints we fashion, pretty little boxes we create to attempt to contain the uncontainable, to rationalize and explain the ineffable, us ... why we’re here, and what we’re truly capable of
 It’s part of where the series is heading, and it’s precisely why when Eve and the others travel from one dimension/realm to another there’s no external method used, there’s no red or blue pill, no serum or simulator, that’s also very intentional. They don’t plug anything into the back of their heads, they just go, within themselves. Physics would struggle to define astral travel however everyone from the Mayans to the Egyptians to the Native Americans are believed to have experienced and understood it. I like to think of Eve picking up where Dorothy left off, when she learned at the end of The Wizard of Oz that she always had the power all along, that she could have gone home at any time. Only Eve isn’t going to need a pair of ruby slippers, or anything else other than herself, to get where she’ll need to go. 
I believe the soul, when it’s unbound of the physical body and human experience, laughs at our silliness and wonders when we’ll tire of the effort we expend on all this stuff, the stuff we make up, which we then live so strictly by, which we allow to rule us, all the boxes we build for ourselves, the reality we construct that says there are these things called neurons that can only be controlled in a certain way, here are all the ways in which we’re limited and that the death of the physical body means x, y, and z.
I think we’re struggling to do long division on a scrap of paper and when our soul is finished with this life it’s gonna go, “Look, I was holding a calculator the whole time.” That’s why you’re correct, all the lines are muddled between religions, deities and world views. I can understand the desire to “sort out” such things and want the audience to feel that exact impulse. To sit with it. Our need to sort things and categorize them is going to become a big theme in the second book. Part of what Animus does is tee audiences up for that by tugging at that impulse. 

Q: It fascinates me that people the world over are connecting with this book and the Soul Test connected with it. What is everyone looking for here? Why does this resinate on such a deeply personal level? Tiffany will say she “just shows up” and the words just move through her. Gosh….that amazes and fascinates me. OK Tiffany…who are you really??

A: I believe that ‘what everyone is looking for’ is, essentially, the truth. Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? That kind of stuff. But, I mean, they want to know, for real. They want answers. This, of course, is why we have things like religion and addiction and self-help. Because these answers are not readily and clearly available, causing us to search. And so if we believe someone has found ‘the truth’ we flock like moths to a flame! Funny enough, I never claimed my books were anything other than fiction. Since the very moment they were published however, I’ve gotten bombarded with messages of how readers get a familiar and eerie feeling as they read them! Of how much they resonate with the story. Many people ask if I channelled this series. Honestly, I don’t know! Maybe that’s what I’m doing when I show up and get out of the way? It seems I’m tapping into something. 
There is so much proof to back up the concept of ‘the collective conscious’ – the unseen but ever felt ‘thing’ connecting us all. We can all sense it from time to time, but for some people it is easier, perhaps even from birth. So to answer the ‘who are you really’ part of your question… I’m one of these people. From a very early age I could sort of reach up into this stream of consciousness and pull stuff down, things I shouldn’t really know much about. Without any real effort mind you. I don’t want to make this sound like it’s some super hard superhuman ability. I don’t believe it is at all!  
As for why the trilogy and the soul test resonate on such a deep level with so many people I’d have to say that in simple terms we’re all searching. We want to know our place in the universe, our purpose. And when something feels right, feels like it contains truths that maybe we’d suspected or upon hearing for the first time rang true, well, we just get really excited! 

Send me your questions here. The next one I feature could be yours!

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  1. Found your book by accident…watching some random YouTube video where a girl in the video was also listening to YouTube and someone plugged the audible book. As I believe there is no such thing as an accident or coincidence I’m courious to read this book.

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