Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

New Earth Purpose Retreat

Do you want to reclaim your mind and step into your power in a brand new way?

The Vedic Care Charity is gathering powerful and enlightened beings in a Empowering Retreat in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from November 27th till December 4th 2018 we’re hosting a Kirtan ~ Yoga Retreat and much more. 🎥 Our purpose is to bring balance, clarity and cleansing to individuals and the collective.
Brazil is a slice of Heaven on Earth, a sprawling lush paradise, so please come in numbers and leave empowered! Replenish and energize with like-minded people surrounded by waterfalls, beaches and mountains.
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In this beautiful self-sustained Eco-Village, in a relaxing environment, participants can attend three seminars aimed at a healthier lifestyle with courses on yoga, meditations, natural self-healing and empowerment tools offered by three brilliant revolutionary instructors. Each class will give you new insights on how to become a happier, healthier and more rooted in your divine purpose. You will also hear and participate in amazing Kirtans (spiritual music sessions) to heal your mind and reclaim your spirit; and enjoy delicious vegetarian vegan meals and deep tissue and relaxing massages.
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In addition to coming together for personal empowerment and raising the vibration of the planet, you will be helping a wonderful cause. The Vedic Care is a 501(c)3 USA established charity aimed at creating Eco-Villages for the broadcasting of REAL ART and Holistic living; also with retirement facilities to care of our elders who have fought the good fight. The model facility will be in the USA, as well as other planned around the world, including Brazil, Mexico and Europe.
All the proceeds of this event go directly to the charity.
All about it and to reserve your place, please go to