Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

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  1. Wow – stunningly accurate and beautiful at the same time! Thanks patriot 🙂
    I can’t help but feeling not so lonely anymore. Everyday I find more and more people that feel the way I have felt for many years.
    Thanks again – great job!

  2. Indeed!!! This rotten edifice is crumbling fast in all aspect…. you can only cram so much lies and decepting in before it overflows and starts to smell foul….. snifff snifff…. something stinks….. more and more are smelling… and the more people are “smelling”…. it thus makes it easier for others to smell it…… (100th monkey phenomenon)…. surely the high ups… that actually understands what’s happening knows it’s game over….. or do they even understand???…. perhaps all these generations of inbreeding has made them dumb as a sack of rock…… and also… cords are getting deattached… hence no more access to certain knowledge………………………….. in any case….. yup…. things are crumbling….

  3. After seeing you on a you tube video exposing the Hollywood elite, i thought the best thing i could do was buy your books. SO glad i did, I couldn’t put them down. Well done.

  4. Thank you writing all that I can’t and more. We are truly in miraculous times! It occurs to me that the majority of the population will likely never know all that we know. They simply don’t need the details. The more awareness we have as Spiritual Beings having a human experience, the more energy we are able to process and recalibrate for others. It is a huge responsibility to understand our true Spiritual Power – that Love Always Wins – and how those energies operate in this reality that we have created for ourselves. We are all God also. Understanding that we all have God within us because we are literally part of our Creator, was part of what Religion was supposed to do for us. Give us a path to God and to Ourselves. We have lived in the darkness of the Choices made by a select few. They have tried to hoard the knowledge and keep it to themselves. Perhaps, in the beginning, there was good reason to hide this knowledge. My sense is that the real darkness infiltrated basically decent organizations in the 1700s. They – those of the Dark – wanted to control us and believed us to be less than because we didn’t have the knowledge they held secret. They had their time to Rule. Now is The Great Awakening. Their worst nightmare come true. They have done all they could to stop people from waking up. To keep us divided and fighting amongst ourselves. Well, no more. We are done. The TRUTH is upon us. The Red Pill is Pure, Unconditional Love for ourselves and one another. Unity has always been the answer. Now we are implementing it.
    Love love love the idea of the 144,000 being the Evil Ones … makes so much sense and makes me smile. Keep up the great work!

    1. WOW!!!! THIS COMMENT IS EVERYTHING! May I use some of what you’ve said in my next blog post? I will credit you 💜

    2. From stardust to the womb we are conceived, brought into this world to be deceived.
      From the breast to the beast is what is taught, slaving our lives for wars to be fought.
      Join the ranks to feed the banks, if you do not comply they will send their tanks.
      From the the breast to the seed is what we need, there is no need for us to bleed.
      Be awakened, clear your mind, there is no need to continue blind.
      When world love comes into line, the projection of life will be just fine.
      Unification is what is needed so that our life on earth can be heeded.
      Once love is shared by all, only then we will stop the fall.
      Start within to forgive our sins and soon the whole world with begin to sing.
      Be awakened, clear your mind, there is no need to continue blind.
      This new light will be shinning so bright that evil will get a terrible fright.
      Once our harmonies are in tune, mother earth will resume.
      Providing abundance upon this planet and harnessing our souls just like a magnet.
      Allowing growth into new dimensions, something our ancestors used to mention.
      Exploring new realms with love and compassion will soon see us accepted with passion.
      Be awakened, clear your mind, there is no need to continue blind.
      Dave Valcic.

    3. Hidden Hand explains the “chosen angels”. They are the Illuminate/Lucifer, higher dimensional souls who chose to come here and compromise themselves to enlighten/awaken us; to shake us from our collective torpor.

  5. Wow, you are so on target! I have absolutely the same state of mind as you advise and I see the same process, the psychopaths are inverts, their religion is inversion, the end is our salvation, of course they want to invert that!

  6. Wow thankyou so much this is exactly wot iv been waiting to hear and needing to hear !! Love and light people lets put an end to the pain and suffering in the world and give our children the chance to live their lives free of these hateful evil greedy beings that are known as the “elite” we can and will overcome . Spread the word spread the love protect each other and our children they are the future ✌✌✌🌻🌻

  7. ahh here is wisdom combined with information Best advise too… Best they can do with those old empty churches…. is revamp them into apartments for the homeless Then let the church give back to us,, what they took in collections all our hard work keeping priests and more going.. Imagine… if all the women across swithdraw… their gratis… and given with love… from all churches They may as well close doors permanently … We gladly and easily presuaded to give free services No more … Those buildings do not belong to the churches They belong to us,, parisheners .who worked hard make those buildings happen across the ages…. Give back our money Give back those museums …..Turn them into housing estates …No More Christ never preached from within a building He was out there amongst the people out in the open if bible is to believed Now I need to take a step back too …. ..

  8. Bravo! You took the words right out of my mouth. One of the best and truest articles I’ve read in a very long time, thank you!

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