Tue. Oct 15th, 2019

0 thoughts on “David Geffen, Don Henley, The Clinton's, Cocaine, Rape & Bribes; When Truth Brings Down The House

  1. Dear Tiffany,
    Yes, I liked it when mama used to tell stories. I still like good stories and now that I am an adult (70) I feel good when you tell me a good story. Had my whisky at hand and started reading.
    As usual you know to touch the essence and though I did a lot of self study and understand what makes the world tick, or not actually, it is always a warm feeling to have a sister in arms.
    The Don Henley story is new to me but yes, a horrific example of what people with ‘contacts’ are able to do.
    99% non pedofiles? I doubt that number, must be way higher. DC is full of it and in my native country not different. May they all rot in hell.
    Spreading the anti movement is what I try to do and it is actually a hard job. I live in Thailand and I frequent the ThaiVisa forum for expats. Expats; a mix of simple retired people and younger guys seeking adventure and all that comes in between. So, in fact people that don’t need to care that much about the troubles of live. Guess what. The majority of these guys are libtards, like they are already brainwashed and of course they know what is good for everyone. I cannot believe that these guys are all leftist from their origin, but something made them roll over.
    Influence of PC is my reasoning. If 50 to 80 % of your ‘group’ is leftist it might be better to shut up.
    I don’t do that and on that mentioned forum I mostly have 90% piling on me for my statements. Incidently I find a ‘friend’ and probably the rest on my side is to scared to come out. Bloody cowards.
    Many, I hope, will feel the rage of the people to come out in due time. Yes, all those Beyonce’s, Chers, Madonna’s and (bra) string dependables will hopefully get their punishment.
    Tiffany, many thanks for your efforts to get the word out.

  2. Wow…just. Wow. The anticipation of the downfall of the elite is palpable. Complete disgust and excitement feel like two snakes wrestling in the pit of my stomach. Thank you for educating us.

  3. #5 sounds more like Jimmy Iovine to me.
    I say this because I thought Stevie dated Lindsey before she dated Don and I think she was with Iovine in 1980.
    Great post!

  4. You hit a grand slam with this one Tiffany! Shared with friends in Hollywood too. I was interested in acting way back when and was warned off by an Icon at Universal in the late 1960’s, just stay away do something else!

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